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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30


AIM: vhasnet
Yahoo: vhasnet

Parts Regularly Played: Floorwalker PreShow
Rocky birthday:
(First time seeing it in a theater)
May 1998 (First LB Show)
First time seeing the movie: Had the soundtrack in high school before I'd seen the movie (and boy, was that an interesting divide between the actual flick and the one I'd constructed in my head), saw it at the Lyceum at UNT sometime in college (but no live cast), then saw it for the first time with a cast at the first LB show at Furneaux
Best Rocky Memory: Dead Dr. Scott night, hands down. I was "shot" at the beginning of the show, then they carried me to the back of the theater and wheeled my limp body down in the wheelchair. I played dead the rest of the show, and cast and audience kept cracking up the rest of the show. I almost lost it during dinner scene when I tried slumping all the way out of the chair and Nuggett came up and duct taped me into it.
Met any Rocky celebrities? Nope
Been on a cast before this one? Nope. Freelanced for 3MD a little during my LB "hiatus", but I don't think I ever officially joined their cast
Sex: M, but I prefer to F when I can
Birthday: March 4, 1977
Marital/Dating Status: Single...*sigh* *sadpanda*
Children: I'm allergic to them
Real-Life Occupation: Overnight desk clerk at UNT and student
What do you want to be when you grow up? Wealthy, working in TV, and a scratching post
Funny question: It's just a guy in a suit, and then we kicked his ass for beating up Brodie
Hobbies: Reading, card games, World of Warcraft, movies, video games, tacos, trying to sleep
Turn-Ons: Redheads, long hair, backrubs, massages, back scratches, attractive yet naughty clothing (it's like a Christmas's fun to look at, then more fun to unwrap), glasses, nerdy/geeky girls
Turn-Offs: Dudes, girls who wear way too much makeup (at Rocky doesn't count), girls who take more than a few minutes to get ready every time (I appreciate them putting some time into it on special occasions, but if you're not comfortable going out in jeans, a shirt, and a ponytail, then I don't want to know you)
Music Recomendations: They Might Be Giants, other lesser bands
Favorite Quote(s): Good taste is the enemy of creativity

Remember; no matter where you go, there you are

I speak Spanish to God, French to women, English to men, and Japanese to my horse

I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out
Anything Else?: I need love...and attention...and scratches...but mainly the attention...

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