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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30


MSN: madame_leah12@yahoo.
Yahoo: madame_leah12@yahoo.

Parts Regularly Played: Magenta Columbia Janet RiffRaff Frank Eddie SpotB ShowReport Transie LightBoard PreShow SpotA
Rocky birthday:
(First time seeing it in a theater)
A long long time ago,in a galaxy far far away, God said, "LET THERE BE LIPS!" and they were obviously good lips, because I kept coming back again and again, like a big dork, and now here I am a director, an even bigger dork...oh wait...I mean...uh, I don't remember...
First time seeing the movie: On t.v., when I was 10. On stage, when Los Bastardos was at its incipient stages at Bedford.
Best Rocky Memory: There are so many to choose from! Hmm. Well, anytime naked Paul played Rocky was pretty damn funny, all of our away shows, Animal pulling Gwen's pants down, Mardi Gras show and the millions of beads, Mike from Chicago, the Queer Bastard shows, Hey Mickey (boys and girls!), when old Scott tricked the hell out of all of us into thinking he was a virgin, Dogma doing Brad for the Virgin Games, Minion as Captain Jack, English as the Herpes Fairy, Kate and Bizah making out as the Lesbian Wonder Twins, Starman NAMING Kate and Bizah the Lesbian Wonder Twins, ALL of the Bastard parties at my house, Animal being himself, Preston staring at the drunk lady like she was crazy, Star getting humped by Animal onstage, everyone humping English his first time as Rocky, James and Preston as Man-genta and Columbia, singing pirates, performing at the Medallion all those years ago, training Beau on Riff a million years ago, watching Shannon cringe as people try to undress her, Opening Dance every time it is performed, James being retarded and running into a table, late night Ol'South breakfast and poking at Matt Daddy, Hangman's when it was really cold outside, Robert't little sculptures for Virgin prizes, Danny in a dress, HE-MAN!, Fred as Super Sperm (I ran), Lucky running from all the guys in the parking lot, English always falling off of things and hurting himself, Wannabe, the first time we did Hey Mickey, my first time as Janet (GOD that was crazy!), Wes screaming when people touch him, Josh as the Monk in Bill and Ted, beating Danny because we can, Katie slapping the shit out of Minion in the Tank, A-KON, All-Con, Beau running from Robert, Dee Snider, Chewy owning that bitch as Eddie, Charles talking in Russian, Nathan being mistaken for a girl all the time, Saturn fake-crying because people are touching him, Halo and Amy's little dances before the show, Donna as Magenta, JUGGERNAUT, BITCH!, anytime Pinapple is cast for a theme show, Daniel and Beau as the 2-headed ogre, JJ shaking her boobies at the audience at the end of every show, Squiddie as Charles Atlas in his pretty red dress, Zap....ZAAAAAAAP!!, Emily in her nurse outfit, Bobcat rubbing his nipples, watching Jennifer and Manda fight about Prop Packs and glow sticks, beating the crap out of Danny (yes I said it again), Little Bitchface joining cast, Eric's return as Brad, watching the cast grow up together in general...I love these people so much!
Met any Rocky celebrities? Little Nell Campbell, Patricia Quinn, Sal Piro
Been on a cast before this one? Not one that mattered.
Sex: I am creative!
Birthday: April 29, 1980
Marital/Dating Status: Single. I love boys!
Children: I am very afraid of them.
Personal Website:
Facebook: MadameLeah LosBastardos
Real-Life Occupation: I work at a title company and run LB. I am also a Madame. ;)
What do you want to be when you grow up? A lounge singer in slinky clothes. A Las Vegas showgirl. An event planner. A real estate attorney. Happy and not emotionally broken (is that an option???). The director of the coolest Rocky Horror cast in the world....oh wait...(yea that was gay and I don't care)
Funny question: I believe in love, but I don't believe in me.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, crafting, sewing, organizing (I am a dork), music or all kinds, shiny things, eating, abusing the cast, and most obviously, Rocky Horror. More things that I like or enjoy...amusement and / or water parks, ponies, Hello Kitty, Ranma 1/2, things that are shiny, He-Man and She-Ra, Voltron, Care Bears, dragons, Italian food, dessert, Irish/British/Scottish accents, Renaissance paintings, the Greek culture, Italy, Texas, Egypt, black, blue, green, silver, and red, corsets, books, well baked home-made chocolate chip cookies.
Turn-Ons: INTELLIGENCE, competence, witty (borderline mean) banter, hot cars and trucks, hot mechanics (OH GOD YES), Mike Ness, Stuart Ransom Miller II, wild stuff, adventure, intelligent boys, pretty hair, Greaser boys, tattoos, piercings, intelligent boys again, and many other things I refuse to list here in order to not get into trouble.
Turn-Offs: Fools, drama mongers, liars, people who assume I am stupid, people that think that they are better than others, people who claim to be something they are not, raw meat, nasty food, uncleanliness, Beau, Danny, and fighting.
Music Recomendations: AC/DC, Old 97's, Social Distortion, The Corsairs, Reverend Horton Heat, Boston, The Cars, Nickelback, Journey, Twisted Sister, We The Kings, Dwight Yoakam, KMFDM, Rockabilly, Oldies, The Birthday Massacre, Bach, Telemann, My Chemical Romance, and anything with bagpipes.
Website Recommendations: The Madame loves :)
Favorite Quote(s): "No Kitty, that's a bad Kitty!", "Dammit, Robert!", "Go team!", "I hate you, Danny.", "Stop touching me, Beau!", "I love you, Little Fish.", "No, you can't set _____ on fire. You can't shoot them with _____ either.", "DON'T TOUCH THE SCREEN!", "Stop looking at the screen!", "Get him, Robert!", "Get him, Squiddie!", "FAIL!", "Epic fail!", "Epic fucking fail!", and of course, "Why is all the rum gone?". ("Because you drank it, Leah.")
Anything Else?: If you REALLY loved me you'd bring me fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. I will go to Italy, Greece, all those other fancy places some day. I want a horse.

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