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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30


Yahoo: dtm41fw

Parts Regularly Played:
Rocky birthday:
(First time seeing it in a theater)
What exactly IS a Rocky birthday?
First time seeing the movie: June, 1978
Best Rocky Memory: The night Beau forgot his shoes and I told him he didn't need them because Kate was Columbia. He got such a gloriously evil look in his eyes... oh...good times.... ;)
Met any Rocky celebrities? Not that I remember... Of course I was pretty drunk from '77 to '81 so who knows...
Been on a cast before this one? Sort of... in Bremerton Washington. We kinda started the whole Rocky thing there. It wasn't so much a cast as it was a large group of crazy people who dressed up every Friday and Saturday night to go see a movie to sing,dance and act like idiots... ... okay. I guess it was a cast.
Sex: Huh...?
Birthday: March 12th... and I'm old enough to be your mom! Come to my birthday party. Bring me gifts!!
Marital/Dating Status: I'm pretty sure I'm not dating. Let me check... ... ... Yep, totally not dating. Why? Have you heard something?
Children: I have two. They are the same age as my current friends... which is somewhat disconcerting...
Personal Website:
Real-Life Occupation: I am an electronic pre-press MAC operator! Sounds lofty doesn't it! Basically I troubleshoot client files and prepare them for the presses.
What do you want to be when you grow up? I'm pretty sure that I already AM grown up. I just haven't been acting that way... or maybe I have Alzheimers...
Funny question: I believe in Robbie-kun...
Hobbies: Do people have time for hobbies? I will admit... I play video games, but mostly survival horror like Silent Hill and RPGs. I read a lot and I write a lot of pointless things in cyber space. Board games, card game... it's just that finding people to gather and play thing that isn't working out...
Turn-Ons: I refuse to answer on the grounds that in may come back and bite me in the ass and NO! *that* is NOT one of them.
Turn-Offs: Dirty hair! Psychotics. Users. FedConUSA? Does that count?
Music Recomendations: Queen, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, The Cars, Gary Numan, Blondie, Lena Lovich, The Pretenders, Styx, just about any 80's new wave... (yeah, I admit it, I don't listen to much new stuff) ABBA! You know what.. I will listen to just about anything... I just like music.
Website Recommendations: ilovebacon, engrish, Outpostnine, The sneeze, LiveJournal, MySpace, ArchieMcPhees
Favorite Quote(s): "I just can't make myself respect a whore" - Shannon
"Is it dead???!?!??" - Boondock Saints after the cat gets killed
Anything Else?: I give up. I surrender. Quit pickin on me!!!

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