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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30

Los Bastardos on the Internet

Twitter! Follow us.

The LB Youtube Channel Watch us be awesome!

The Inwood Theatre Buy your tickets online HERE

Our Friends on the Internet

The Nature N3rd

a great blog about camping, gear, and how to prep for the Zombie Apocalypse


Caffeine is our friend. Also a good spot to flyer.

Rooster's Roadhouse

Rooster's Roadhouse in Denton, the best BBQ in denton.

Ol' South Pancake House Fort Worth

Ol' South Pancake House in Fort Worth. go there, eat Frog Fries.

Taco Bell

Hell yeah Tacos!

Denton Thrif

Dentons favorite Thrift shop

Thrift City

Madame Leah's favorite thrift store in Denton County. Her second favorite would be Thrift World right across the street.

Great site for purchasing all your intimate clothing. We get all our new floorshow stuff here.

Fredericks of Hollywood

Where we get our sexy when we can't wait for the internets.

Thrift Town

Best Thrift Store in the Mid-Cities area. McCart Thrift in Ft Worth also rocks.

The website of DFW's awesome Alt Rock station and home to our friend Jessie from 2-7 on the weekdays.

If our eclectic troupe of Los Bastardos were a radio station, this would be it.

Where we buy most things to fix our props/

Where we get all of the hardware to fix our props/

Not Lex Luthor and Terry Sloane as you might expect - but a damn funny radio show.

The best damn hard rock station in DFW, back from the dead like the Phoenix of yore.

Connoisseurs Groovy Originals - (817)276-0080

Classic vinyl albums and other collectibles of yesteryear. Located in the heart of Pantego.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop - The Favorite Taco Stand Of The Taco King

Red Carpet Crash - Texas-Style Entertainment News

Comics, Anime, Horror, Conventions and other Geeky Stuff

The greatest webcomic ever! Lots of DFW and Rocky specific humor. And R.K. Milholland plugged our food drive and occasionally comes to our show!

Home of Stellar Worlds, Every Day Is Halloween and many other twisted but amusing comics!

The most popular haunted house in Fort Worth. We do shows here frequently. All procedes go to charity.

A horror-powered superhero, created by local artist Drew Edwards.

An annual all-geeky interest Con held in Dallas. We perform there yearly.

The longest running Anime Con in North America. We perform there yearly, as well.

Texas Frightmare Weekend: The Southwest USA's Biggest Horror-Con.

Do you like girls who can fix a computer AND enjoy playing D&D? Have we got an adult site for you!

Tattoo Parlors, Adult Novelty Shops And Other Alternative Businesses

Black 10 Tattoo Company - (817) 731-1700

Dream Tattoo - (817) 655-3318

Fine Line Tattoos - (817) 795-8282

Modern Image Tattoos - (817) 737-5181

New Age Ink - (817) 275-1119

Sinful Creations Tattoos & Piercings - (817) 226-2800

Salty Dog Tattoos

Other Shadowcasts & Rocky Conventions

The Austin cast of Coolness! We've played with them several times. (hee hee hee)

Stars of Stage, Screen and The Rocky Horror Cast of LA.

Sadistic Pleasures

Texas has many other Rocky casts besides us. SP in Houston is one of them!

The Legendary RHPS Cast of Chicago


The Biggest Event in Rocky of 2008. September 25-28 in Atlantic City!

Home of Happiness

Host Cast of Rocky Con 2008!

The Bawdy Cast

Another cool cast from California.

Places We Hang Out, On-Line and Off

The hottest Goth Club in Deep Ellum! Every Thursday Night!

DFW's Longest RUnning Goth Night Event.

A gaggle of Yahoo Groups devoted to the Dallas/Fort Worth gothic scene.

A local Renn Fest and our home away from home and the theater every weekend in April and May.

Rocky Information and Guides!

The OFFICIAL Rocky Horror Fan Club Website. As Official as anything made by a bunch of freaks and outcasts is.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the music of Rocky and more besides.
Run by Shawn McHorse, who is a very cool Queerio!

The Ultimate Site for Rocky Information.

The Rocky Horror Purity Test

Test your mettle! Are you a virgin or a total Rocky Horror Whore?

Looking to make a screen accurate costume yourself? This is the place to go! Wheeeeee!!!

If we don't list it here, it's probably listed here.

Swag, Loot And Booty

Party City

For all your party needs.

Costumes By Dusty

One of the best costumes/makeup/prop shops in DFW.

We buy LOTS of crap here. We're happy little consumers.

Useless and Useful Random Things

The Motivator

Do you hate motivational posters? So do we. Fight back by making your own funny parody posters!

The Onion- American's Finest Fake News Source

More accurate than CNN. Funnier than Fox News. Or is that the other way around?

View Askew Productions

Home of My God, Kevin Smith's Movie Making Company

News Askew

The place for the all the latest news on Kevin Smith and anyone who has ever been in a Kevin Smith movie.


More crazy videos than you can shake a stick at, if you were going to shake sticks at crazy videos.

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