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The Inwood Theatre

Dec 27th

The Texas Theatre

Jan 30


• Show report for Drunkmas, 2014 is up!
12.29.2014 update by Madame Leah


• SHOW REPORT is up for December 6th!
12.18.2014 update by Madame Leah

We had a crazy fun party on December 6th for some special socialites in Little D. Check out the show report in Gwen's Corner!


Madame Leah


• Next Show: December 27th
12.09.2014 update by Canadian Dave

Our next show is at The Inwood Theatre at Midnight on Dec. 27, come out and see us perform

Tickets can be purchased online HERE. buy your tickets in advance, because we've been selling out shows all year long


• Sad news about the Nov 22 show
11.17.2014 update by Canadian Dave

Hey everyone, change of plans. Because of the Thanksgiving blockbuster, The Hanger Games (something about dry cleaners, I think), Rocky Horror has been bumped to the upstairs theater on the 22nd. Which is a fine place to see a movie, but not so much to fit a full shadowcast with massive set pieces and hundreds of props.
SO: The movie will be playing, but we will not be doing our usual shadowcast production. Sorry about that, we miss performing as much as you miss seeing us shake it.

HOWEVER: A few of us plan on showing up to watch the movie with you, plus yelling lines, singing, and of course standing up to do the Time Warp! We'll have to bro down another month, but we just wanted to let everyone know so you're not disappointed and arsony when you get there.


• Jan 30th Show at the Texas Theatre
11.17.2014 update by Canadian Dave

January 30th we have a show at the Texas Theatre. tickets will be available at the Texas Theatre website at a later date. More info will be posted as we find out


• Our Next Show- Nov. 22
11.04.2014 update by Canadian Dave

We sold out BOTH our Halloween shows. If you couldnt get in, you can always come back! Our next show is November 22nd at the Inwood Theatre at Midnight.

Click HERE to order your tickets in advance!


• Halloween Time Warp!
11.04.2014 update by Canadian Dave

Check out this awesome video of us performing the Time Warp on Halloween!


09.30.2014 update by Madame Leah



Madame Leah


• Have a venue in mind which you think might want to host the Bastards and Rocky Horror?
08.25.2014 update by Madame Leah

Please email me direct so we can get this going! The season of Rocky is almost upon us, so I want to make sure these venues have a chance to speak to us before our schedule is all filled up!

Thanks all - have a fantastic week!!

Love to all of you ~ Madame Leah


• 2 show reports are up!
08.24.2014 update by Madame Leah

Check out Gwen's Corner! :)


08.13.2014 update by Canadian Dave

We have more shows coming to keep you entertained while facing the horrors of a new school year.

Aug 23 at the Inwood Theatre
Sept 27 at the Inwood Theatre

Remember how the July show was sold out and you couldn't buy a ticket at the door, well folks, YOU can buy your tickets in advance online! click the link



08.13.2014 update by Canadian Dave

did you know LB has an online store now? check it out, buy some merch, send us photos of you wearing it!

Los Bastardos Web Store


• More show reports are up! And...wading my way through applications for cast... :)
06.21.2014 update by Madame Leah

I finally got on here and rambled some about some of the shows we had recently. More to come! There are some website changes underway so please be patient with us. If you have any questions please email me at

Also, thanks everyone for emailing about joining - I am working my way through the emails and will reach out to you soon!! :)

SO excited!

Madame Leah


• Show report from A-Kon is UP, and we need BOYS!
06.15.2014 update by Madame Leah

Read and enjoy! More show details coming out soon. Working on some exciting new pre-shows and training new performers for your benefit!

We are also looking at adding more peeps to cast - really need some gentlemen if any of you are interested. Female parts are all currently full as of Friday. Thanks all, for your interest!

Email me for joining!


• Still looking for that PHP person. ;)
05.27.2014 update by Madame Leah

Just saying.


• Joint show with Los Bastardos and Amber Does Dallas
05.02.2014 update by Madame Leah

Just had a meeting with Ali and Angelyn of ADD and am REALLY pumped! Cannot wait for the show on May 9th at the Lakewood! ROCKY HORROR SAVED MY LIFE!

This is the first time the casts will be onstage together, ever. Should be a blast! More to come!


04.22.2014 update by Canadian Dave

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, this weekend, Los Bastardos brings to you, not one, but TWO GREAT OPPORTUNITIES TO SEE US.

first up-Saturday Night, April 26th at 9pm we will be performing at the Texas Burleqsue's Vegas Showgirls themed burlesque show.

But tickets to Texas Burlesque SHOWGIRLS

After that, we will be returning to the Inwood Theatre for our regular MIDNIGHT PERFORMANCE of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. this will be a show you dont want to miss.

Buy Tickets for The Rocky Horror Picture Show here


03.09.2014 update by Madame Leah

It is finally here! Check out for additional details, or hit us up on our Facebook. ALMOST HEEEERE

Love to all

Madame Leah


01.21.2014 update by Madame Leah


~ Janet
~ Brad
~ Riff
~ Maggie
~ Columbia
~ Dr. Scott
~ Eddie
~ Crimmie
~ Transie

These are the parts which have openings at the moment. I will open this to all interested, including newbies. As I've mentioned, if you can show me you know it and won't suck at it, I am willing to give you a chance. Make sure you don't waste others' training time, rehearsal time, or audition time with a bunch of "I am sorry, let me try again next time" or half-assed attempts at rehearsing. You either want it or you don't.

If you want to audition and you've not already spoken to me, let me know so I can add you to the scheduling.



01.21.2014 update by Madame Leah


~ Janet
~ Brad
~ Riff
~ Maggie
~ Columbia
~ Dr. Scott
~ Eddie
~ Crimmie
~ Transie

These are the parts which have openings at the moment. I will open this to all interested, including newbies. As I've mentioned, if you can show me you know it and won't suck at it, I am willing to give you a chance. Make sure you don't waste others' training time, rehearsal time, or audition time with a bunch of "I am sorry, let me try again next time" or half-assed attempts at rehearsing. You either want it or you don't.

If you want to audition and you've not already spoken to me, let me know so I can add you to the scheduling.



01.12.2014 update by Madame Leah

As of now I will be opening up cast again for new people...and auditioning for CORE positions. If you want a core part, or to be on LB, now is the time to do it. :) Accepting all male and female roles at this time. Prefer gender specific parts but I might be willing to deviate depending on how good that person is.

Let me know if you are interested...either email me or jump on our FB page!




• Angel Tree has begun!
12.07.2013 update by Madame Leah

We just had our first pledge for monies for an angel! Thanks, all! <3 Keep them coming! If you want your own angel please email me

Madame Leah :)


12.06.2013 update by Madame Leah

Hello happy Rocky Sluts!

Our annual CPS Angel Tree program is officially up and running! If you would like to participate and have an Angel of your own, please email me or get onto our Facebook page and we will send you information for one of these kiddos. The gifts simply have to be ready by December 21. We will come pick up items or meet you somewhere, if needed, as the next show will be too late.

If anyone has any questions please email me as well. Thank you so much for your support and help!

Madame Leah


11.23.2013 update by Madame Leah

SO EXCITED! We have two Old School performers tonight - Johnny as Brad and MacKinzie as Magenta. You won't want to miss this one. Can't wait to see them bring the house down!!!


• More show reports.
10.31.2013 update by Madame Leah

Also, Sean Baldwin...don't get drunk anymore. JUST SAYIN'




10.31.2013 update by Madame Leah


I did get several names/phone numbers/emails this past weekend but a lot of them are returning back you should email me at if you're truly interested in joining Los Bastardos. I look forward to meeting you!

Lots of love and HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEN (yea I am saying it twice, suck it)!

Madame Leah


09.15.2013 update by Canadian Dave

Our next show is in 6 days at the inwood theatre, thats right, Sept 21st, midnight. Come join us for a night of debauchery! More shows will be announced soon, stay tuned!


08.25.2013 update by Canadian Dave

Last night's show was EPIC, it was nearly sold out, it was loud, it was obnoxious, it had a bunch of new people being sexy as hell in their new roles. If you missed it, its too damn bad.

Pic's from July 27th are now up in the gallery, go look at them, seriously look at them, they're dead sexy.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming show on September 21st, as well as our back to back halloween special on the 25th and 26th of October. You can buy tickets in advanced RIGHT HERE


07.16.2013 update by Canadian Dave

It's almost time for another show, and this one is special because July 27th, we're having another Audience Theme Show! This is where we still perform the show in accurate movie costumes (because chicks dig screen accuracy), but YOU the AUDIENCE dresses up to make it more festive and show us how much you love us!

This audience theme, as voted by you the LosBians, is Anything But Clothes. Simply, create your outfit out of any kind of non-clothing materials you want to. Tinfoil, construction paper, Saran wrap, the skiy's the limit...just make sure it keeps the tingly naughty bits covered.
The show is $10 (CHEAP!), and prop packs are $4. We don't allow outside prop packs for safety and we-are-broke reasons, but we will give you a bag of throawbles!! And by give, we mean sell. For money. Your money.
Invite your friends, work hard on your outfits, and get there early to drink up at the Inwood Lounge or just hang out in the lobby and make some new friends!

Tickets can be bought in advanced right HERE!


• New photo galleries are up!!!
07.02.2013 update by Canadian Dave

Photos from the May and June shows have been uploaded to the gallery, go look at em, love them, print them and make shrines to your favorite bastards with them.

Our next show is July 27th! buy tickets online HERE


06.11.2013 update by Canadian Dave

Check out our latest podcast, guest-starring JON!


• Order tickets in Advance!
06.06.2013 update by Canadian Dave

Hey folks, did you know you can buy your tickets for our shows at the Inwood online at this address?


Just select what day you want to come see us, and BAM! you can order online.

Buy your tickets early, and you wont get turned away by a sold-out box office, you get garunteed show tickets, we get to see your lovely faces, its win-freaking-win baby!


• AKON 2013, 600 PEOPLE WOOO
06.03.2013 update by Canadian Dave

As always, the A in A-Kon stands for "Amazeballs"!!! Thanks to the 600+ people who crammed in to check out our little song and dance crazy make-em-ups tonight. Enjoy the rest of the con!

Just a reminder, our next show is

June 22nd at the Inwood Theatre!

Come out and join us for another spectacular evening! Remeber, like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Follow us to the post-show pancake binge, just please, dont follow us home!


05.29.2013 update by Canadian Dave

New Performance Pictures from April and March have been added to the galleries, GO LOOK, they're uber-sexy.


We are soo sexy. Just sooo sexy. Go watch the videos, share them with your friends, let the world see how beautiful we are!


Also, LB is hiring, thats right, WE WANT YOU; no, not you, the other you, yes YOU. send our lovely director an email if you're interested in joining our merry band of misfits. send your inquiries to


05.18.2013 update by Madame Leah

Hello my loves. If you have a penis, we are interested in talking to you about joining cast. You don't have to have stage experience, porn experience, or even have to know what Mr. Frosty's is. You do need to be dedicated and ready to work, and, obviously, to love Rocky. If you are interested please email Hope to hear from you soon. :)


05.18.2013 update by Madame Leah

Hello my loves. If you have a penis, we are interested in talking to you about joining cast. You don't have to have stage experience, porn experience, or even have to know what Mr. Frosty's is. You do need to be dedicated and ready to work, and, obviously, to love Rocky. If you are interested please email Hope to hear from you soon. :)


05.16.2013 update by Canadian Dave

15 years ago today, the first show of Los Bastardos was performed in Carrollton, TX. Since then we have done shows all over the great state of Texas in every kind of venue imaginable.

Odd to think it's been going on for that long. We are the longest running Rocky Horror Cast in D/FW history.

A special thanks to all the original bastards, Madame Leah, Gwen, Jason, Ryan, Johnny, MacKinzie, David,Kevin, and all cast members, past and present...Thanks for making Los Bastardos the best damn Rocky Horror cast ever.


• more Shows! AKON! PODCASTS!
05.15.2013 update by Canadian Dave

Hey everybody. Just a reminder we have a bunch of awesome shows coming up real soon.

Saturday May 25th at the Inwood Theatre at MIDNIGHT!
go to the Inwood Website and buy your tickets in advance online! This show is going to be incredible, its going to be wonderful. In fact, i think we're even going to celebrating some kind of birthday, whatever it is, you don't want to miss it.

Friday May 31st at AKON IN DALLAS.

The Bastards invade A-KON once again in Dallas. come check us out on Friday night at Midnight. You dont want to miss this show. A-KON is always special, and we will be bringing some brand new home-baked awesomeness for you to feast your eyes upon.

Come see LB do the time warp again, and again, and again. and don't forget to check out our facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates on all our happy shenanigans .

and one last thing, LOS BASTARDOS HAS A PODCAST. go check out to listen to it. It is hilarious, you wont be dissapointed. We jam pack every episode with funny jokes, cute anecdotes, horrific stories, and humorous insights on the awesomeness that is LOS BASTARDOS.


02.16.2013 update by Madame Leah

We have a show this weekend, February 23, at the Inwood Theatre in Dallas. Show at midnight, just like always.

All-Con is COMING SOOOOOOONNNNNN...Hope to see you all there! :)


Madame Leah


01.27.2013 update by Madame Leah



12.21.2012 update by Madame Leah

HELLLOOOOOO happy Rocky people! Just a reminder, there WILL be a SHOWING of Rocky Horror this weekend at the beautiful Inwood Theatre in Dallas on Saturday December 22 at midnight - HOWEVER - since the Hobbit will be playing downstairs in the big theatre, Rocky will be in the small theatre upstairs. The cast and crew cannot fit into the theatre upstairs, so the cast will not be performing that night. Please go for the movie and the drinks, but be advised we will not be there. (OVERKILL I KNOW BUT I DON'T WANT PEOPLE UPSET.) If anyone has any questions, please email me at We will be back performing in January on 26th. CHEERS!!


11.03.2012 update by Madame Leah

Hello happy little Rocky sluts! Just wanted to say thank you for coming out to all of our lovely little shows. We appreciate all the rubbing and loves and supports.

We are also in need of assistance as far as working on our website goes. If you have experience in websites (PHP in particular) we could use some help. As you will see there are a few things which are out of date that I need to work! HIT ME UP!

Can't wait to see you all at the show in Inwood on November 24th!


Madame Leah


09.30.2012 update by Madame Leah

Hi peeps! Thanks to all who came out this weekend to Frisco and to the Inwood! We look forward to seeing all of you back next week in Frisco at the Discovery Center. We need more peeps there to rub on and love. (Not to take home to Mom, though.)


• Frisco show report for September 15 is up!!
09.22.2012 update by Madame Leah

Hi peeps! Just posted my abbreviated show report.

Also, we will be back at Frisco SEPTEMBER 28, OCTOBER 6, and OCTOBER 20. If you are in that area we would love to see and hear from you! Great venue, good show price, wonderful new peeps.

INWOOD shows will be September 29, October 26, and October 27.


Hell yes fall weather and a day off, I am going outside!

Madame Leah


• Billy's pics from the May Inwood show!
06.09.2012 update by Madame Leah

Enjoy, all!

P.S. More pics to be posted later, we do have them but I am having connection issues with the cast camera at the moment. If anyone has any pics, please send me the link or post it on FB so we can post them here as well!

Love to all~

Madame Leah


• More shows!!!
05.13.2012 update by Jason

May 26th at the Inwood!!! June 1st at A-Kon!!!


• Billy's Pics from Inwood Show April 28, and we are RECRUITING!
05.01.2012 update by Madame Leah

Go, see, enjoy!

If anyone else has pictures please let me know. We didn't actually have anyone on cast taking pics this round so yea, we don't have a lot to put on the site at the moment. HELP ME OUT HERE, PEOPLE!

If you are interested in joining our merry band of little Bastards, please email me at

Love to all.

Madame Leah


• All-Con
03.28.2012 update by Jason

Show report is up! Read it on the toilet!


• Hello happy people!
03.26.2012 update by Madame Leah

To all of you who have requested if we are holding new auditions, yes, we will be at some point. For right now, we are holding off on the auditions because we have to work on some other stuff first. If you are interested please let me know and I will keep your information on file. It will probably be May before we start working on things again. Email me if you have any questions and thanks so much for your support!

Love to all!!

Madame Leah


• Billy's pics from Inwood Show, March 24th.
03.26.2012 update by Madame Leah

ENJOY! More to come once I figure out (remember?) how to add the others. :)

Madame Leah


• MORE ALL-CON pics!
03.23.2012 update by Madame Leah


• All-Con pics by Billy
03.19.2012 update by Madame Leah


• Inwood pics!
03.03.2012 update by Madame Leah

These are from Billy. :) Enjoy!


03.03.2012 update by Madame Leah

We will also have another show at the Inwood, the end of April. I am thinking that it will be April 28...just sayin'...

Might want to reserve that spot of time for your friendly neighborhood BASTARDS!

Love to all.

Madame Leah


• Show Report and Pictures!!!
02.27.2012 update by Jason

Show report is up, and so are Billy's pictures from the show!!!

You were an amazing audience this weekend! If you couldn't get tickets, we're sorry you missed it, but please try and make it to our next Inwood show on March 24th. Tickets aren't on sale yet, but should be very soon.

Also, come see us at All-Con March 16th. The event page for that is already up on


02.19.2012 update by Madame Leah

That is all that matters, isn't it? CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU THERE!

Love and all that jazz,

Madame Leah


• The sidebar is no longer a lie!!!
02.15.2012 update by Jason

Our upcoming show dates are:

February 25th at the Inwood in Dallas

March 16th at All-Con in Addison

March 24th at the Inwood in Dallas

Come see us!!!

More information is on our Facebook page:


• We're Mostly Back!!!
01.24.2012 update by Jason

I know it's been a long wait, but we're finally diving into 2012 with some big time shows! First off, we're back at the Inwood Theater in Dallas!!! Currently we're on a monthly basis, but we're hoping that our consumate professionalism, coupled with some sold out shows (hint, that's where you come in), and our sweet sweet keisters will convince the theater that they want us more, four shows a week, perhaps even twelve shows a day. Dream big. Our first Inwood show will be February 25th at Midnight, and then we'll also be there March 24th.

We will also be at All-Con in Addison again, March 16th (which is a Friday). We'll also be having our post-show party, plus be hosting the Apocolypse Party Saturday night, so you can enjoy our company all weekend long!

For up to date information on all of our whereabouts, become our Facebook friend.


11.20.2011 update by Madame Leah

Here are Billy Boy Blue's pics from the Inwood show...ENJOY!


10.31.2011 update by Madame Leah

Here are some pics from the Frisco shows from Billy. Enjoy! And thank you to all of you who came out. We loved performing for you!

Madame Leah


10.14.2011 update by Madame Leah

FRISCO, WE WILL BE IN YOU...TONIGHT! AND tomorrow...and next week...weeeeell ok so TONIGHT IS OPENING NIGHT! Hope to see lots of peeps there for our debut in the new place! I know the flyers and posters have gone viral, but hey - go here and buy tickets!


Madame Leah


10.11.2011 update by Madame Leah

Hello my lovely little Rocky peeps! I received all the info I needed today for Pre-Sales for the Frisco shows tickets. Again, you have: Friday October 14, Saturday October 15, Friday October 21, and Saturday October 22 to choose from...come to one or all! This is a very cool place and we are in the BLACK BOX THEATRE.

Tickets are available for sale on the main page HERE:

Scroll down 'til you see it, you can't miss it!

Love to all,
Madame Leah


• OH, ROCKY!!!
10.07.2011 update by Madame Leah

AAAAAND WE'RE OFF! Currently there is some rehearsal-in' going on at my house, and it is sounding awesome. We are preparing for our shows next weekend, Friday October 14th and Saturday October 15th, at the Frisco Discovery Center 972.546.3050 (it is a mega-theatre complex). 8004 N. Dallas Parkway, Frisco, TX 75034. The show is at midnight each night, and this venue is beautiful. THE BASTARDS HAVE RETURNED, ROCKY SLUTS!

Madame Leah


• DARK CRYSTAL at the Inwood Friday September 9 at midnight!
09.06.2011 update by Madame Leah

DOOOO EEEEEET...On FB there's an event for this. This place is awesome and I haven't ever seen this movie on the big screen. So it is ON this weekend!

That is all.




• I just wanted to mention...
08.28.2011 update by Madame Leah

In the photos section you will find a listing of photos labeled "Photo Shoot". These are some of the best...and most gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay pictures I have ever seen of our cast. Any of them that have any of the Bastard Boys are full of win. I was just looking over these today and they made me laugh just as much as they did the first time I saw them. Hope you see them and hope you enjoy.

Today, I begin the prop repair of the Eddie jacket. WISH ME LUCK!!!

Love to all,

Madame Leah


• Halloween at the Inwood!!!
08.20.2011 update by Jason

Hi there, we are Los Bastardos, DFW's Premier Rocky Horror Shadowcast. You didn't think we were going to skip Halloween, did you? We may still be a roaming band of homeless Bastards, but we will still be spending Halloween weekend ROCKING YOUR PANTIES OFF!!!

Thanks to the sweet clean Inwood (staffed by only the sexiest of humans), we will be doing TWO BIG SHOWS on October 28th and 29th, at midnight. The Inwood is the finest theater in all of Dallas, with decades of history, and a reputation of having only the highest of standards for your entertainment dollar. You can also get liquored up before the show in The Inwood Lounge, an ACTUAL BAR that serves ACTUAL GOOD ALCOHOL. They also have heard of the concept of ACTUAL PARKING. When you think "Dallas Theater", you think of the Inwood OR ELSE YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO THINK. Spend the next few weeks watching movies there and tell them how excited you are to see us there!

Tickets are $10, $8.50 for students, and you can already buy them online!!!
The show will take place in the ultra-swank Screening Lounge, filled with couches and Lovesacs. And believe me, you will have a nice warm (mostly nude) Bastard to snuggle with if you ask nicely enough.

We'll also have our usual assortment of awesome accessories for sale; prop packs, glow sticks, flashy jewelry, buttons, etc, so bring stacks of extra cash...and give it us!

For more information about the Inwood, go to More


• A-Kon!!!!!!
06.02.2011 update by Jason

It's A-Kon, peoples! We've missed performing for you, our lovely LosBians, so if you've missed us too, then you should head down to Dallas for a special Rocky Horror performance! We'll be at A-Kon at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas (400 N. Olive St), Friday June 10th at midnight. You don't need a badge to get into the show, although if you like anime, then A-Kon is a good convention to buy a badge for. You will need ID (or a parent/guardian), as this is an 18+ event. We'll be in the Austin Ballroom (heh heh, ball), aka Main Video 1, which is located on the second floor of the hotel.

Costumes are encouraged, anime or just general sluttiness. We'll open the doors around 11-11:15pm, and then treat you do some dancing and special musical numbers before our usual preshow, followed by the flick. Prop packs are $4, buttons and glow are $1 or more, so bring fat stacks of loot and give it to us! For more information about the con, check out


03.18.2011 update by Jason

All-Con is finally here! It's today at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison; the convention is going on all weekend, and we'll be performing and partying TODAY (Friday). You'll need a $40 badge to get in, that gives you access to the show, the afterparty, and all the other awesome convention stuff. And it is awesome, we love it hella hard.

We have a Rocky panel at 8pm, where we'll explain all the things you didn't know about shadowcasting. Preshow (dancing, skits, etc) starts a little after 11, and then our show starts at midnight. After the show (around 3am), we open up one of the big suites for a kickass party, complete with booze, sodas, snacks, and lingerie bartenders! Get down to Addison and party with the Bastards!


• All-Con!
03.13.2011 update by Gussie

Hi everybody!
I am so ready for next weekend! All-Con!! All-Con loves us, and we love All-Con! This is one of the more epic shows of the year! "Why?", you say? Well, first off, All-Con is an awesome convention filled with a little bit of everything: Comics, sci-fi, Star Wars (which is sci-fi, but deserves its own category here), anime, fantasy, steampunk, roller derby, burlesque, etc.

You will need a badge to get into Rocky, but believe will WANT a badge. There is a ton of stuff to do here, plus an expanded dealer room so you can get all kinds of toys, shirts, accessories...Assassination City Roller Derby, the Austin Browncoats, Scarborough Faire, and others! Win Scarby passes, buy a Jayne hat, and stock up on ironic Doctor Who t-shirts!!! A three day pass is just $40, which gets you access to the show...and our afterparty :)

Yes, the legend...wait for it...dary Los Bastardos suite party, right after the show. We will have music, dancing, booze, snacks, booze, lingerie bartenders, and booze, and it's all free with your badge! Must be 21+ to drink, so bring your ID. Party with the Mandalorians (and likely, some Derby girls :D ) all night long. Literally, all night long. The sun will likely be up by the time we shut it down.

The theme for the convention is steampunk this year, so feel free to dress up, or wear your best Rocky gear, your favorite gaming related t-shirt, or your sexiest lingerie. Prop packs are $4, buttons are a buck, and we have many glowing and/or blinking things to sell you too, so bring cash! And tip your lingerie bartenders :D

Our show will be Friday, March 18th at midnight. Preshow will start around 1130, so be there by 11! You should be able to purchase a con badge up until then if you want to come just to see us and party afterward :-)


• Furry Fiesta was awesome!!!
03.02.2011 update by Jason

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at Furry Fiesta this past weekend! From what we've heard, we were one of the most attended events of the weekend, which warms our hearts and feeds our egos! Pictures and show report are up, so see and read what you missed, if indeed you missed it.

All-Con is coming up Friday March 18th, so mark your calendars. We'll be performing at midnight, followed by our epic suite party (with booze!), so get yourself an All-Con badge early! Grab a Friday pass for the Rocky experience, or get a weekend badge and stick around for all of the All-Con awesomeness. For more All-Con information, go to, and tell them we sent you!

No news on a theater yet, but if you happen to be independently wealthy and want to buy us/build us a theater in the FW area, drop us an email!

Also, Check out the pictures Billy took from House Right (near the tiny movie screen)


• Furry Fiesta Tonight!
02.25.2011 update by Gussie

If you are going to try to make it out,l there are Friday tickets available for $25 if you do not want to stay the whole weekend. The address for the hotel is 14315 Midway Road Addison, TX 75001. Remember, we are going to be performing at 10pm, not midnight, so if you are wanting to come see the show, be sure to make it on time!
See y'all tonight hopefully :-)


02.09.2011 update by Madame Leah

Hello all you Bastard Lovers out there! We are performing at Furry Fiesta 2011 in Addison at the Crown Plaza Friday, February 25. Pre-Show starts promptly at 10:00 p.m. Tickets are $45 each and are good for the whole weekend, so get them now off the website:

You can also purchase them at the door. Part of ticket prices are going towards animal charity and shelters, so in addition to the fun that is also a feel-good bonus. There is a DISCO THEME this year so make sure to wear your disco digs and silver shades! Any other questions please see their website or email me...CHEERS and love you all ~ Madame Leah


• Upcoming Show Reminders!
01.19.2011 update by Gussie

Hello all!
Performing in Austin with the Queerios was pretty awesome, and we will have some pictures posted soon. On top of that we currently have 3 shows in the next few months (until we have a new theater anyways)

Friday, February 25th at 10pm- Furry Fiesta 2011 @ the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison

Friday, March 18th at Midnight- All-Con @ the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison

Friday, June 10th at Midnight- A-Kon 22@ the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas

We hope to see y'all at these shows! And don't forget to check back regularly for news concerning a permanent theater.




Madame Leah

P.S. Now it is time for dinner, I am half an hour overdue for foods!!!

01.05.2011 update by Madame Leah

Hello lovely audience ~

After discussing our plans for the future in respect to the cast and in respect to the new corporate image of the Movie Tavern(s), effective immediately, Los Bastardos will no longer be performing at the Ridgmar Movie Tavern. To those of you who are shocked, sad, scared, confused, whatnot - please don't be, this is actually a very good move for us. :)

More details to follow, after we finish our longer than expected but very busy vacation - we've been doing other things like eating, drinking, blowing things up, sewing...etc. We are so hardcore. But never you fear, we will let you know as things develop and as the shows come up etc. If you have questions please feel free to message or email me.

We are certainly still performing at all the OTHER events we have on the roster, such as Furry Fiesta, Queer Bastard Show in Austin, All-Con, A-Kon, etc. We will let you know if anything else pops up in the meantime.


• Happy New Year!!!
01.01.2011 update by Jason

Just a reminder, we're taking one more week off to recover from the holidays (aka, we're still regretting that black eyed pea and tequila daquiri from last night), so don't come out to the theater tonight! Instead, take the time to go back through the pictures and show reports from all of our 2010 shows. Why? Because next week is our Best of 2010 show, in which we'll be representing the previous year's worth of Bastard Awesomesauce that we do so very well.

Make it your resolution to Auld Lang Syne your life away to us every Saturday night in 2011. Remember, the world ends in 2012, so your actions will no longer have consequences! See you all on the 8th!


• Pictures! Show Reports up soon!
12.25.2010 update by Gussie

Merry Christmas Losbians! In case you haven't noticed, the pictures from the last show of the year are posted, and Billy also took pictures. You can view ours by clicking on the left, and Billy's pics by copying and pasting this link

We should also have the last few show reports of the year posted soon and all of your bastardy goodness will be up to date!
See y'all January 8th for our 'Best Costumes of 2010'

Damn. I dont wanna put that Jafar costume on again. That hat was fucking heavy.


• Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
12.25.2010 update by Jason

Hope everybody is having a great (or at least not shitty), Christmas! If you're working, we're sorry, and feel free to steal some stuff at work, or at least take a long poop break on the clock.

No show tonight, or next week, but we'll be back in action January 8th for our Best of 2010 show. Yes, we're getting nostalgic about a concept like "9 days ago". In the meantime, check out the pictures and show report from last week's Holiday Show, or pop on Facebook and tell us how great we are!


• Last Show of 2010!!
12.13.2010 update by Jason

This weekend is our last show of the year, and it just so happens to be our All Holiday show! Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Flying Spaghetti Monster Day; whatever the hell you want to celebrate. We'll be in our most festive (and most revealing) outfits, and you should be too!

Just remember, it's cold outside, so bundle up for the wait outside before we let you in. Also, thanks again for bearing with us and waiting outside. One more reason why you are the best audience EVER.

The Movie Tavern just installed some shiny new tables and chairs, so come check it out and bask in the fancy newness while you still can!

Pictures from the Pajama Jammy Jam are up too, check them out!


12.05.2010 update by Madame Leah

Hello my Happy Little Rocky Sluts! Just wanted to let you know that there will be NO SHOW on Christmas Day, and there will also be no show on January 1st. We will be back in full force and effect the week after, but we won't be there those two weeks. Please note that they will not be showing the movie there on those nights either, so tell all your friends so no one is disappointed. We might be having a cast event on the night of the 1st to celebrate the NEW YEAR, so please keep an eye out on the site and on the FB pages. Cheers and love to all!

Madame Leah


• Yes, we are having a show this weekend
11.25.2010 update by Gussie

Just in case you were wondering; yes we are performing this weekend. Thursday is for food, Friday is for shopping, and Saturday is for Rocky! Hide from your family...or bring them with you. Bring us your leftover pie!


• Lyndi's Bastard of the Quarter Lineup!
11.15.2010 update by Gussie

This isn't Gus, this is Jason! I has passwords! You don't want to miss this week's show, as Lyndi has earned the right to choose the lineup, and she has picked a good one. A lot of people are playing parts that they have never played before, and in a couple cases, might never again (if I have anything to say about it). More information will be on our Facebook page (WHICH YOU ALL HAVE FRIENDED, RIGHT?) later this week.

Pictures for the last couple of weeks will be up later this week as well, and you'll want to see these pictures because our audiences have been both packed, and pretty. And our cast ain't bad either.

And finally, as a public service message: The theater has been lining the audience up outside before the show lately, so dress warmly. Once you're inside, you can strip down to your slut clothes, and our helpful and friendly cast will help warm you part at a time. Heh heh heh.

Gus eats poop!


• Audience Picked Show!
11.05.2010 update by Gussie

Come on, come all, to the Lineup that YOU, the audience chose for us. It will be terrifying and win (and probably a little fail) all wrapped into one. If you cared enough to vote, you NEED to come see this, it will be awfulmazing.

Also, Pictures are up from Halloween weekend finally (had some computer issues) as well as the Denton show report. The other two missing reports will be up soon. Also: BILLY PICS!


• Pictures and Halloween
10.28.2010 update by Gussie

Pictures are posted from this past weekends show.
We also have Billy's pictures here:

We are having two shows this weekend, one tomorrow night at the Denton Movie Tavern, and our normal show Saturday.

Halloween costume contests shall occur at both, and prizes/shenanigans and good ole Rocky fun is guaranteed!

Hope to see you all soon


• Billy's pics!
10.18.2010 update by Madame Leah


• HEY! Guess what?
10.16.2010 update by Gussie

Tickets to the show are $6 again :-)
You are welcome.
Also, Billy pics.

See you tonight peoples.


10.12.2010 update by Gussie

If you have a comment concerning Saturday night please send it to Leah at in addition to the Movie Tavern. This is very important that you do this. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.


• NEW VIDEOS! and a slight apology.
10.10.2010 update by Gussie

Hello Bastard Lovers!
We have had a very busy weekend, what with the UNT show Friday night and our 'normal' show last night. While all of this was happening FishnChips was busy uploading all of our videos on our BRAND NEW LOS BASTARDOS YOUTUBE ACCOUNT! YAY!

go check everything there out, comment, like, whatever. Just know that this is our cast run account, and other LB videos posted elsewhere are no longer under the control of Los Bastardos.

Also, as those of you in attendance saw, we were required to cover ourselves up during the show. This means Rocky was wearing pants. Frank was wearing pants. Floorshow was fully clothed.
Do not worry, steps are being taken to prevent such misunderstandings from happening again. Also, remember to check out our Facebook (link in the sidebar) for the most up to date news and banter dealing with Los Bastardos.

Love you all, and see you soon.


• Alice Stuff posted. UNT FRIDAY! and Billy Pics :-)
10.05.2010 update by Gussie

I think the title pretty much sums it up. Go check out the pictures from the show, as well as Londons show report. Also we will have videos up soon. YAY FishNChips!
We will be performing in the UNT Lyceum in Denton Friday night, click it on the sidebar and it'll give you a map of where to go. We are performing at 10pm, and I think it is cheaper than a normal show of ours :-)
also BILLY PICS! <3


• Alice in Wonderland, Show Reports and Pictures
09.27.2010 update by Gussie

Get your blue dresses and bunny ears together, the Alice theme show is this weekend, and it is gonna be a mindfuck. Seriously. Go read up on some shit, watch that fucked up cartoon, read a motherfuckin book and try to figure out all the shit we will be doing, while at the same time performing Rocky.

Also 2 show reports and pictures from this weekend have been posted. See y'all Saturday!


• Horror Show will be delayed til December
09.27.2010 update by Madame Leah

Just wanted to let all of you Bastard Lovers out there know that we are going to delay the Old School Horror Theme Show til we are able to do what we wanted to do with it. There are some special things we wanted to work on which won't be ready by the time mid-October comes around, so you'll just have to wait til December. Just a heads up!!


• Peeeekshurse
09.27.2010 update by Madame Leah

YEA YEA YEA THEY ARE LATE! Shhhh....don't tell Billy!!!


• PICTURES! and a show report.
09.22.2010 update by Gussie

One of our new Bastards, Fish n Chips/Canadian Paul, has taken a lot of pictures the past few months, and now we have them here on
Go look at the new photos for the Denton Show, the Beach Party Show, and AKON of this year!
Also, we have a show report by Snowflake for the August 2th show. Its pretty decent.

We are also playing at UNT October 8th. Check that shit out Mean Green Eagles. CAW~!


• Drag Show pics posted
09.14.2010 update by Donna

Well... there ya go. Some of the most disturbing images you'll ever see. The girls were absolutely lovely... the boys, dressed as girls? Not so much. Also? Our audience is awesome! They were all kinds of decked out in their draggie best!

Tune in again next week for not quite this much drag!


• Long Weekend Accomplished
09.12.2010 update by Gussie

Ello all!
Show reports are up to date for this weekend as are the pictures from Denton. More will be posted in the near future.

Go read/look and enjoy!

We have lots of theme shows coming up soon as well:
October 2nd: Alice in Wonderland! Not the cutesy shit. We are thinking dark and creepy this year
October 23rd: Old School Horror Show!
October 29th: Denton Halloween Show!
October 30th: Ridgmar Halloween Show!

Come see these! Hell, come see us every weekend. It makes us happeh!


• Drag Show Tonight!
09.11.2010 update by Gussie

Also, Denton stuff is posted! Do it to it!


• Don't pester me this week Gus!
08.29.2010 update by Donna

The pictures from tonight's... er... last night's show are posted. You don't have to pester me this week Gus. I don't know how I'll ever survive without the daily reminders to post the pictures... O.o

In other news... We have a show on September 10th at the Denton Movie Tavern so if you live in that area and don't get to come down to see us that often because of the distance you simply MUST attend the Denton show!

Also, don't forget about our annual Drag Show coming up in 2 weeks. It's usually... well... we frighten ourselves sometimes.

Alice in Wonderland show is coming up first weekend of October too! Black lights make everything white show up. Come to the show and see who's wearing white bras under their darker clothing!! You can also find out which cast members have dandruff cause it shines like glitter in the black lights!!!! You can make jokes at their expense! It'll be fun!!

We love you audience! *smoooch*


• YAY!
08.16.2010 update by Gussie

In case you have not noticed (which you probably haven't) the website has been updated. Links page has been purged/updated as well as several pieces of copyright, contact info and other small details. Woot.

Also, pics and show report from Nuggett's show are posted.

Aaaaaaaaand come see the Pirate/Renaissance Show this weekend. It'll be awesome.

Woot and things!


• Pictures and new thingies.
08.12.2010 update by Gussie

Ello all.
First off, pictures are up to date!!!
I know, amazing isn't it? Show reports are still a little lacking though cough*Jeremy*fsefbvf.

Also, just made a really nice deal with us for new floorshow wares,So. If you are in the mood for any corsety, gartery, slutty, hot clothing go share the love with them. gogogo


• Pictures
07.31.2010 update by Donna

So... I had no internet for a while and I completely forgot that I had pictures from the July 3rd White Trash America show... I just posted them. Yay for having internet again!
I also posted the photos from the Audience Participation Beach Party show last week.
Go look.


07.28.2010 update by Madame Leah

Kinda like LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS, OH MY! but with the sound on our Rocky Horror print. It has come to my attention that a few people are wondering what's up with the movie volume. Just wanted to bring to light that the print we have at our theatre is an actual 1970's ORIGINAL PRINT of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hence, the sound quality is having a few issues with that at the moment. The sound card has been ordered to assist in helping get it straightened out but I just wanted to let you all know that if it is low or warbly at times, that's what is going on with it. Please be patient, as we have no idea when we are going to get the replacement sound or for the print to be fixed PROPERLY...I don't really want to take any chances with the print getting ruined (I know you all understand!).

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at

Thanks and see you Saturday!!!

Madame Leah


07.07.2010 update by Madame Leah


• Pics! On time!
06.28.2010 update by Madame Leah

I know you are proud of me.... :)


• Peekshurs from Billy-Boy-Blue
06.27.2010 update by Madame Leah

Yes, they are super late...yes, it is my fault. Yes, I am sorry. But they are awesome. I have also posted the NOTE he sent along just because it makes me giggle:

Loves and hugs and such...

haha last nights show was great always love the chaos with a name in the hat did feel sorry for eris the way she kept falling but must confes even that was funny.and loved your outfit made me sad when you got dressed hehe.

And here are more:


• Pictures and stuff
06.12.2010 update by Donna

I don't know what Gus is talking about... "A few weeks worth of pictures and programs" The 'few weeks' of pictures from May 29th and June 4th's AKON show are posted. Yes, they are a little late, but I was really busy after the 29th making a million prop packs for Akon, which are ALL GONE(!) and got sick (not con crud)... It's not like you haven't waited 6 months for them before.

The programs are NEVER late cause if they were what would be the point of doing them? Seriously. Why would we hand out programs that had the line up from a few weeks ago on them? Maybe he meant the show reports... I think he might be crazy.

Akon was spectacular! What a huge crowd and so loud! It was really exciting to have that many people yelling at the same time. I think Jason got a little giddy and high off the response from them. Also... boobs. There was a lot of boobs at the con show. Boobs and balls... Thankfully more boobs than balls cause really.. they are much nicer to look at. Not all wrinkly and dangly... but I digress.

Pictures... Go see them. Now.


• Stuff!
06.10.2010 update by Gussie

So. A-Kon was awesome, we had a nearly packed theater and there were lots of boobies. There are currently some pictures of that through the cast Facebook page. Some recent pics have been posted in the pics section, but we are waiting for a few weeks worth of both pictures and programs. Check back often, they will be posted soon.

Aaaaaaand... 28 Brads this weekend. If you value your sanity, stay away, but if you actually enjoy our show you will probably want to see the shenanigans that will ensue this weekend.


• Pictures...
05.27.2010 update by Gussie

They be workin.


• Site Issues
05.24.2010 update by Gussie

Hello All!

For some strange reason, pictures are not posting to the Performance Pics section of the website, so until further notice, weekly pictures will be posted on the Facebook page at

In other news, we have one more show before A-KON, which will be June 4th at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas. We will be performing at midnight with the preshow starting around 1130. Also, if you are into Anime, you should check out the rest of the convention as there is all sorts of cool things there for you people.



• Last weeks stuff, upcoming events and the Street Team
05.12.2010 update by Gussie

Why hello Bastard Lovers,
Go click on the things to the right and look at all the pretty pictures and show report for May 8th.

Also, come see the show this weekend! It is Sean's bastard of the quarter lineup and some terrible things will happen (disclaimer, the May 15th showing of Los Bastardos' production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show will NOT be screen accurate)
and coming up a few weeks later is our annual A-KON performance in Dallas. Come see us there too!

And if you love LB (which you do) you should help us out by spreading our love (like herpes but better)and emailing Madame Leah @ and finding out what you can do to help make our show better. Go Street Team Go!

<3 Gus


• Last week's news
05.01.2010 update by Donna

So there they are... Last week's pictures.
Tonight we are having an audience theme show so if you come dress like a school girl!
On the 15th is the Bastard of the Quarter lineup designed by Sean. I've seen the line up. You should probably go. It's terrifying.


• Pictures by Billy!
04.22.2010 update by Madame Leah

and DISNEY....God help us

Love you all, see you soon! :)


• Disney Update and School Girls!
04.20.2010 update by Gussie

Disney Show was a success. Show Report and Pictures are up for your enjoyment. Also, our first Audience Participation Theme Show is May 1st, and you shall all dress up like school girls. Like Leah said Saturday, she wants to see nuts hanging out of short skirts gentlemen. Don't disappoint.



• Disney Show!
04.17.2010 update by Gussie

is TONIGHT! Be there, we have amassed another army of Transies and we will all be decked out in more costume than is necessary for more than 30 straight people, and a few gays.
Oh and you should dress up too :)


• Pictures!
04.11.2010 update by Gussie

Pictures from the past two weekends are posted... Aaaaaaaaaaalso, we are having our Disney theme show this weekend. You should all definitely attend. The costumes are going to be AMAZING. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand May 1st we are having our first Audience theme show... the theme shall be "School-Girl", so bust out your plaid miniskirts and white button ups and lets make the next few weeks an awesome time. Also I heard someone is coming out of their normal core-hiatus and sexiness will be guaranteed on the 1st. Be there, or go cry.



• Pictures are posted!
03.30.2010 update by Donna

Hello hello!! Pictures from the March 27th show are now posted.. Enjoy!


• Pictures and late things....
03.28.2010 update by Madame Leah

Here are Billy's pics from Bastard Gras...yes yes it is my fault they are late, get over it.

Also we will have more stuff next week, Bastard Transie Easter...where the Transies take over the theme part of the show but the core characters are just....well....wearing normal stuff. Come see!

I feel better!




• Stuff!
03.23.2010 update by Gussie

Pictures and Show report from this weekends Snow Show are up. Yay you brave 36 audience! Also, we are having a Transie Easter Show on April 4th, so come see what types of hilarity will occur then. Speaking of hilarity, come to the show this weekend and I GUARANTEE you will be amused. Do it.


03.20.2010 update by Gussie

Hey everybody, if you happen to be checking our site to see if we are performing tonight (3-20-10)... we are, screw you snow! Its Spring!!!


• Pictures and stuff!
03.17.2010 update by Donna

Pictures from All-Con and the we-are-very-tired-from-Allcon show are now posted. Go look. There are Mandalorians... or something.. I don't know how to spell that... maybe I'm not nerdy/geeky enough to go to cons...
I think the show report is up too. You should read that cause Jason wrote it and he's not snarky at all.. It's very unlike him. Kinda scary actually.


• ALL-CON!!!!
03.09.2010 update by Madame Leah

Hi everyone! Just a reminder (ha as if we didn't know) that WE ARE READY TO ROCK on Friday! I am so excited I wanted to make another post....yea.... All-Con is totally worth the full badge for the whole weekend, by the way. I highly suggest you get one. Getting into Rocky will only require a one-day badge, but yea. There's way too much cool stuff to see and do on all the days and it is a great deal. We are having a panel on Friday at 8 concerning costumes and Rocky stuff in general, if you are interested. :)

I look forward to seeing all of you there!


Madame Leah


• All-Con and Posts
03.08.2010 update by Gussie

Ello All,
First thing: All-Con is THIS FRIDAY! We are performing at midnight (pre-show at 11:15) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison(Click on the left for more details). This is always a really fun show and we are having a party afterward. C'mon, you know you want to party with the Bastards. Food and drinks too o.O
We will also be having a show the following Saturday night. Don't blame us for being tired though.

Second: Pictures and Show reports from the past few weeks have been posted (with more reports to pop up sporadically) so check back often for the zany literary techniques of the mostly illiterate.



• Billy's pics and BASTARD GRAS!!!
02.27.2010 update by Madame Leah

I am super late, I know. This is a fail and I realize this. However, they are here now for your super enjoyment. Also, BASTARD GRAS 2010 is tonight! Please get your tickets early because it tends to sell out early. You can buy them online, so I would recommend that.

See you tonight! Bring boobs!

Madame Leah


• Pictures, Mardi Gras and All-Con!
02.16.2010 update by Gussie

Hello all,
As you may have noticed, we have this past weekends pictures up now, as well as new pictures from Billy:

On the 27th, we are having our annual Mardi Gras theme show, so be there. BOOBIES!

And for you Con-goers we will be performing at the Dallas All-Con again on Friday March 12th at Midnight. All-Con is once again at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison. Admission is included with a convention badge, so come see us and check out all the other cool things All-Con has to offer!

See ya'll soon,


• Moar Pitchurs
02.07.2010 update by Donna

Moar pitchurs posted.. Now you can see January 9th in all it's glory! January 30th show pics are up too.. You may remember this as the show that our audience created by designing the line up.

Oh yeah.. and Shannon gave me her show report for her last show... read about the wacky shenanigans!

Go look at them.



01.29.2010 update by Gussie

Due to severe weather, the Friday January 29th Denton Show has been cancelled. We hope to see you all at the Audience Lineup show tomorrow night!


• Pictures by Fearless Ace!
01.19.2010 update by Madame Leah

These are from this last past weekend, January 16th. You just have to go to the site, click Gallery, and click on the appropriate date. :)


Madame Leah


• Updates & Stuff
01.12.2010 update by Gussie

Ello all!
Show reports from the past month are posted now, so if you haven't checked them out, go to Gwen's Corner NOW!
Also we have some more recent pictures posted, with this past weekends coming soon.

Marc is our Bastard of the Winter, and his lineup is this weekend. Be there. It will be retarded funny.

We are performing at the Denton Movie Tavern on January 29th, and we love it there. You should too.
Also, we are confirmed for performing at All-Con ( on March 12th, so if you can make it out to Dallas and want to see us somewhere else as well as lots of the other cool shit All-Con has to offer. We might even be having... a party...

8 Gus ===D~~~


01.05.2010 update by Madame Leah

Here are some pics from a new contributor!

You can see all the wonder and awesomeness HERE:

Go to the Rocky Horror link and find some tasty pics.


Madame Leah


12.20.2009 update by Madame Leah

Howdy ho friends and fellow Rocky Sluts!

We are now recruiting and accepting open applications for Los Bastardos CAST and STREET TEAM! If you are interested, please email me at

We will be meeting at the Ridgmar Movie Tavern at 11 p.m. on Friday, January 1, at 11:00 p.m. for open cast call. Email me so I can have paperwork prepared.

THANK YOU to those of you who have already emailed me! We will see you there!

~ Madame Leah


• Peekshures and Angel Trees!
12.15.2009 update by Gussie

I can spell when I want to...
The pictures I took from this past weekends show are posted... lots of boobies and other goodies...
Billy also took some pictures which are hyea:
Show report will be up relatively soon hopefully.

ALSO. We have posted Angel Trees throughout the DFW Movie Taverns, so if you would like to help out some kids who need it this year, go pick one up this week and turn the stuff in by midnight this Saturday.

See ya'll soon


• Pictures and Shows!
12.07.2009 update by Gussie

Pictures from this weekends Historical Character Show are posted!!!
Also, here are Billy's Pix:
And just as a reminder, we are NOT having a show on December 26th since most of us will be either too tired from eating too much, too depressed from not having any friends to visit, or too far away because we have better things to do on Christmas...
Also, we are having our Best of '09 Show on January 2nd and a Denton Show the 29th!!!
Get Ready Bitches!!!


• Historical Characters and ANGEL TREES!
12.02.2009 update by Madame Leah

This Saturday is our Historical Character show, just a reminder to all of you who are interested in seeing that kind of mayhem. We were all pretty lame this past Saturday, I think. How sad is it that most of the cast who I spoke to were in bed before the show would have been over?

Also, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Angel Trees will be up and running again this year. For those of you who don't remember, last year we had Angel Trees at all of the Tavern locations. We were able to provide gifts for over 300 teens in the care of Child Protective Services in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. This year, we will have until December 19th at midnight to turn in all the Angel Tree gifts. If you would like any information on this, please email me at

Thanks and love to all,

Madame Leah


• Show Report!
11.24.2009 update by Gussie

Show Report for the NooaH show is posted. Go read my awesome. And wish you had been there if you missed it.

<3 Gus


• Pictures!
11.23.2009 update by Gussie

Pictures from this past weekends surprise Name Out of a Hat Show are posted and the show report will be up soon hopefully...
Go look. I played Brad. Ashley was Rocky. Boobs. Win....

Oh, and just to remind y'all, we don't have a show this weekend, so let your food baby digest and we will see you on December 5th for the Historical Character Show. Ill be mostly naked. Be there.



• moar pikchurs
11.18.2009 update by Donna

Pics from September 5th, Halloween and November 14th are now posted. Dive in. Enjoy...
Also if you haven't yet, go read Shannon's show report. It's all about the platypi. They're evil you know.


• Show Report awesome sauces!
11.17.2009 update by Shannon

Show reports for Harry Potter and this past weekend are up! Go read! Ponder deep thoughts of existence!


• Changes...
11.16.2009 update by Gussie

So... due to Holidays and things and stuff Historical Character show has been moved to December 5th and we will NOT be having a show November 28th. Looks like you are stuck with the in-laws... Sorry.
We also will still not be having a show December 26th.
On the bright side we will be having a fun filled January with our Best of the Year '09 Show On January 2nd (Yeah we know its technically 2010, deal with it) and Your Audience Design-a-Lineup Show on the 30th.
See Y'all Soon.
-Peaches Out.


• Pictures!!!
11.13.2009 update by Gussie

Pics posted from the week before Halloween as well as this past week... Enjoy.


• Show Reports and Special Shows!
11.11.2009 update by Gussie

'Ello Bastard-Lovers!

Show Reports from October are up finally... I say finally because they should have been up the week after the show, but people suck as mentioned in said reports.

Also, we are having our Historical Character theme show on November 28th. Go. It'll give you a reason to escape the in-laws. And there will be lots of scantily clad hotness running about.
Then next year... In January... the 30th to be exact... We are having an audience Design-a-Lineup show! So if you want to see somebody play some absolutely ludicrous, go find Mary or whoever has the board that week before the show and GIVE THEM MONEY!

Oh, and somewhere in between those two shows, we wont be having a show on December 26th... Some holiday or something.

\m/ Rock on.


• Halloween pictures
11.02.2009 update by Madame Leah

These are Billy's, of course. More are still to come. Sorry I haven't posted Harry Potter pics yet, we have been a little busy. Also, Show Reports are soon to come.

Love and stuff,

Madame Leah


• I am so smart sometimes I just don't know how I do it...
11.02.2009 update by Madame Leah

How about the link????


• Billy's pics: Harry Potter Show!
10.28.2009 update by Madame Leah

There are a lot more on the way soon, I had to go through them cause there were like 400 something. It is taking a little while to load.

Ha I said LOAD.

So immature, yay.


Madame Leah


10.22.2009 update by Madame Leah

Don't forget, Dentonties! We are coming for you....ha

SEE YOU ALL THERE, at the Ridgmar Movie Tavern on University, same shopping center as Kroger, Joann's, Denton Thrift, and El Matador (for those of you who don't know what that is, it is an AWESOME Mexican restaurant).

Buy your tickets early, it will be a busy crowd!

Love to all,

Madame Leah


• General news... :)
10.18.2009 update by Madame Leah

There is lots 'o' stuff. First, the calendar on the website is now updated, yay! Check out the column on the left, our upcoming shows are on there....for HALLOWEEN in Denton on Friday, October 30 and at Ridgmar Saturday, October 31, we will have COSTUME CONTESTS with prizes, so please dress up and be ready to show off for us.

Also, there are a couple of other RHPS events going on in the DFW area this Halloween season, so catch them if you can, while they are going on! Here is a like to Marshall's RHPS group...not exactly FULL ON evil like we would have at one of our shows, but more discreet call lines are appreciated. It is in Grapevine, so check it out here:

Here are Billy's pics from LAST weekend:

There are several weeks of pics and Show Reports that are new, and up. Last night's piccies will be up soon!

Cheers and love,

Madame Leah :)


• More pics!
10.04.2009 update by Madame Leah

Billy's from yesterday:

Also the cast ones from yesterday (Shannon's Show) should be up in the next couple of days, FYI.

Love to all



• Billy's Pics!
10.03.2009 update by Madame Leah

Last weekend's pics are up! Also there are several weeks worth of pics that are now up, check it out...Easter (finally) is included.

Love to all,

Madame Leah


• Pictures! Harry Potter! AIDS! La Vie Boheme! Denton!
09.20.2009 update by Madame Leah

First...Billy's pics from September 19, 2009:

The Cast pics from September 19 are also posted (GASP!!!!). See Ashley as her first night as Janet, Halo as Frank and Mr. Saturn as the most overdressed Rocky Horror ever. The pics say it all, so check it out. Jason's Show Report will be up soon. :)

Next weekend, we will be having another AIDS benefit show, so please bring your spare change and all that stuff for the cause, should you want to contribute. We have made WELL OVER $1000 for AIDS Awareness! (The ticker on the main page is incorrect, fyi...I know it has been sitting on $708.00 for forever but it is well over $1000.00 - we are having some issues at the moment.) We will have a current amount for you by next week, just so you know.

Along with the AIDS Benefit show, we will be performing La Vie Boheme for another round, so those of you who have emailed me about missing it and all that, here's your chance!

Harry Potter Show is coming! October 24th we will be having a Harry Potter show, so get your costumes ready now. All kinds of shennanigans have been prepped and are in the works for this one, so yay!

DENTON! Next Friday night at Midnight at the Denton Movie Tavern! I would get there early though because these tend to sell out. All you Dentonites get ready!

Also per Jarrod's request I am playing Frank next weekend, so those of you who gripe I never play it, here you go...fair warning. Don't bitch to me later for not being there, lol.

Ta ta for now!!!

Love to all -

~ Madame Leah


• Drag Show Show Report is up!
09.18.2009 update by Madame Leah

It was gross! It was glam-tastic! Check it out!

~Madame Leah


09.16.2009 update by Madame Leah

Billy's from this past weekend:

Also, please note that I finally posted some Bastard Luau party pics for this year's Luau and also, pics from August 1, 2009. The Easter pics should be up soon, there was a big glitch in the file so we are having issues.


~ Madame Leah


• Bastards In The News!
09.08.2009 update by Starman

Not that we're bragging or anything, but we were mentioned in an article about the MTV-sponsored Rocky Horror Picture Show remake. It said many complementary things about us and how awesome we are amid one of the best arguments I've seen as to why any attempt to remake Rocky Horror (much less as a modernized TV movie) is doomed to failure.

You can read all the glorious details in Rocky Horror’ Remake On Hold… Thankfully and then check out Red Carpet Crash for more Texas based entertainment news.

Also, don't forget - Drag Show This Saturday!


• Billy's pics!
09.06.2009 update by Madame Leah


09.05.2009 update by Madame Leah

The University of North Texas has invited us back this year to perform at the Student Union, at their annual showing of RHPS. The show starts at 12, although I am sure the Pre-Show will be before then. If it is anything like last year, there will be costume contests and all that jazz. As soon as I get more updates, I will let you know.


~Madame Leah


• Don't get used to it!!
08.30.2009 update by Donna

Tonight was Eris' Bastard of the Quarter line-up and she went with an all girl name out of a hat show... It was a lot of fun and if you missed it well... it sucks to be you. Truly. Luckily, there are pictures. Yep!

I posted these pictures. Why? Because now I don't have to answer the calls and text messages asking when they will be posted. You see... I decided that I wanted to sleep tomorrow (YES! Sunday is still tomorrow cause I haven't slept yet dammit!).

I know I said I was taking all of September off BUT... Mike volunteered to be Brad next week and I will be there to see it. Mike hasn't played Brad since the 50's Show... which was in May of 2006. I think it was May was definitely 2006. If you've never seen Mike play Brad then you have to show up and witness this.

Mike and I will also be doing the virgin games and The games will be something that you haven't ever seen before so now there are TWO reasons that you shouldn't miss the show next week. Seriously. Wazoo.


• Pirate/Renn Show Pics are posted!
08.29.2009 update by Donna

Umm... I think the title of this post pretty much says what I was going to say...

Come to the show tomorrow! Eris has organized an all girl name out of a hat show... We're all scared.. well we were... or *I* was... But it's cool. I'm taking pictures so I don't have to put my name in the hat! :)

This is my last show for a few weeks cause I'm taking September OFF. I will sleep on Saturday night for a whole month! :D Shannon is taking over the program making duties until I come back...

(I guess the title wasn't ALL I had to say, huh?)


• Eris - Bastard of the Quarter! Aaaaaaand.....guess what she wants?
08.24.2009 update by Madame Leah


This Saturday, August 29. All Girl, good times and boobies for all. Be there and witness the greatness! And hug Eris, because you know she's awesome.

~Madame Leah


• Show Reports!
08.20.2009 update by Madame Leah

If any of you audience members want to submit a Show Report like Tweener did, you can email it to me and I can guarantee you it will end up on the website in some form or fashion. I am looking for some new looks on the show, and you guys have them!

Just keep that in mind... :)


Madame Leah


• Show Reports!
08.20.2009 update by Madame Leah

If any of you audience members want to submit a Show Report like Tweener did, you can email it to me and I can guarantee you it will end up on the website in some form or fashion. I am looking for some new looks on the show, and you guys have them!

Just keep that in mind... :)


Madame Leah


• 28 Franks Later pictures are posted
08.20.2009 update by Mr Saturn

Unfortunately, it took WAY more than 28 days to get the pictures posted... Sorry about that... >_>

Anyway, they're up now, for everyone's viewing delight!


08.13.2009 update by Madame Leah

4 NEW DENTON SHOWS AT THE DENTON MOVIE TAVERN!!!!! Just released as of now! Mark your calendars now for these dates....

Friday, September 25, midnight
Friday, October 23, midnight
Friday, October 30, midnight
Friday, January 29, midnight

Possibly more to come. If you have any questions about the Denton shows, please contact me at


~Madame Leah :)


• Moar MOAR!!!!
08.01.2009 update by Donna

I just posted Emily's pictures from July 18th... the Daniel Henry Memorial Show. I don't think I got all of them off her thumb drive though.. there seems to be a huge gap between Riff answering the castle door and dinner scene. O.o
I will talk to Emily tomorrow and see if I can fix this. I'm so confused!


• Please read...
07.30.2009 update by Madame Leah

Hello all!

I need to post a "reminder" to seasoned Vets and Virgins alike. Please know that we aren't trying to be assholes about this but you do need to know that the cast IS held responsible for many things other than just the show. I don't see any point in lying about it, so basically we are trying to keep our satin-covered asses out of hot water. Please read, take to heart, and share!

~ Please note that there is only ONE line for Rocky. It starts by the theatre and wraps around TOWARDS the bathrooms, NOT towards the other theatres. You will not be considered in line if you are on the other side, so please make sure you are in the correct line.
~ Keep your tickets and IDs on you at ALL times, and please have them ready to show Security when we are letting in.
~ Drink your alcoholic beverages BEFORE you enter the performance space. Due to TABC regulations, we are not allowed alcohol inside the actual theatre, but we DO allow it (in great quantity) in the Lobby area.
~ Please buy tasty food, candy, and drinks from the theatre! You are allowed anything you want inside the theatre save alcohol. They will even bring it to you. Support our theatre, so we may continue performing for you guys. :) (HINT HINT...)
~ PLEASE keep your language CLEAN and your voice DOWN while in the lobby. Be advised, we aren't the only patrons (kids and minivan moms alike) at the theatre at the time. (And I know, I know...what kind of a GOOD parent who would complain about us would have their precious spawn out at midnight to see a slashing horror film???? BUT, I DIGRESS...) Just be aware of this and adhere to it, for Rocky's sake.
~ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep yourself CLOTHED in the lobby and outside the theatre. You are to wear something that covers all the T & A areas the ENTIRE time when you are in the theatre other than when you are in the performance space itself. This should be a no-brainer but apparently not. We want to see the costumes and hotness, BELIEVE ME, but you need to keep it PG-rated prior to entering the venue. There will be NO leniency on this issue. If you are not appropriately covered, you will be asked to put on more clothing before you enter the theatre.
~ Also, for those of you who were STUPID enough to do this, DON'T FLASH YOUR TITS OR ANYTHING ELSE IN THE LOBBY...yes there are cameras and yes, we did get into trouble about it. So please, just use common sense and a little courtesy so we can appease Rocky fans and other theatre patrons potentially modest interests as well.

Thanks for understanding, sounds like a lot of stuff but it is all common sense and we know you understand why this is important. It really isn't anything new, so it shouldn't be a surpirse. If anyone has any questions, please email me at See ya soon!


Madame Leah :)


• There's your PORN!
07.28.2009 update by Donna

Well... yes. Some things you just CAN'T unsee. Last Saturday's show has proven this to me once again... Enjoy the pictures. When you get to the one you can't unsee... well... You weren't really that hungry were you?


• Billy's Pics!

07.27.2009 update by Madame Leah


• Pete's Lineup pictures!
07.13.2009 update by Donna

Last Saturday was Pete's Bastard of the Quarter line-up. I just posted the pics from that show so you should go see them. Use caution.... Danny was Columbia... and Walker was Magenta. There are some things that you just can't UNSEE.


• Billy's pics! I know I am late...
07.13.2009 update by Madame Leah

Here are three week's worth... :)


• Upcoming Theme Shows!
07.12.2009 update by STARMAN

You asked for them! You're getting them.

Here's a list of all the Theme Shows for the next three month.


Join us for a somber night of thoughtful speeches and meditation as we honor our departed colleague Daniel Henry with respect and quiet dignity.

Ha-ha! I'm just kidding! It will be as wild and crazy as any other show but we will be honoring that glorious astronomer Bastard who was one of the best and brightest of us for far too short a time.


Our yearly celebration of times past and better days. When the world was still full of magic and wonder. When men were manly men with big beards and bigger swords. And women were all buxom wenches in corsets and impractical fur bikini "armor". Well, maybe not... but we can dream, can't we? And for one night you can join us in our dream world as pirates, fairies, elves, knights and ladies fair all mix and mingle.


A celebration of androgyny. Boys playing girl's parts. Girls playing boy's parts. And no doubt a lot of people playing with other people's parts before the night is through.


• Show Report for Saturday's 28 Franks Later show!
06.29.2009 update by Donna

The show report for the 28 Franks Later show is now posted in Gwen's Corner. If you missed this show you should be very sad. It is not often that there are 6 Franks all doing the floor show at the same time. Good times! :)


06.24.2009 update by Madame Leah

Just to let you know, the Bastards will NOT be there on the 4th of July. They might still be running Rocky (no confirmation yet) but we will NOT be there.

ENJOY YOUR 4TH, GO BLOW STUFF UP! (Safely and out of city bounds, of course.)

Love to all,

Madame Leah :)


• I posted pictures and forgot to tell anyone!
06.22.2009 update by Donna

So..o..o.o.o... I posted 4 weeks of pictures on Saturday and forgot to tell you guys.
Tonight I posted 2 more weeks of pictures but I'm remembering to tell people this time.
I care!

Don't forget! There will be NO SHOW on July 4th. If you go to the theater have a good time without us. We will be blowingg stuff up. You should make sure you watch the news the next day in case something happens. *nods sagely*


• Billy's pics from June 13th :)
06.16.2009 update by Madame Leah


• WIN!
06.08.2009 update by Madame Leah

A-Kon Show Report (of sorts) is up. Kirk's Show Show Report (of sorts) is also up.

Billy's pics from this past weekend are here:


~Madame Leah


• New videos!
06.07.2009 update by Mr Saturn

There are SIX new videos available, showing the six pre-shows that we performed at A-KON 2009! I'll save you the long speech. Here's the links:


• Piccies!
06.01.2009 update by Madame Leah

These are from Billy. More to come soon. :)

Love to all and thank you to those of you who came to A-KON, we had a blast with you all!!!


• There is no basement in the alamo!
05.29.2009 update by Starman

it seems they took the escalator out of the lobby but the rest of the instructions are valid austin ballroom on the 2nd floor of the hotel proper at 11 pm!


• A-KON Information!
05.28.2009 update by Starman

As you should well know by now - Friday, May 29th, Los Bastardos will be performing at the... da-da-da-DAAAAA... A-KON Convention! The biggest Anime/Japanese culture convention in North America and we will be there!

And the best part of all is that it's free!

Well, our show is free. The con costs money. And so does the parking. And you'll probably burn a lot of gas getting there so... okay, okay. It IS going to cost you money. But our show itself will not cost anything to get into. And you don't have to pay for a Con badge to get in. But you should. Because A-Kon is awesome.

It's a chance to see Rocky in a new venue! With new people! Most of whom will be wearing short skirts and cat ears. And most of whom will be actual women!

WHERE: The Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Dallas, Texas. Just go to downtown and look for the big building that has Sheraton written on the side. You can't miss it.

Oh okay... it's at 400 N Olive St, Dallas, TX 75201.

A Parking map showing nearby places to park legally and cheaply is up here. We suggest using one of the nearby lots since parking AT the hotel is $12.

We'll be located in Main Video 1 (aka the Austin Ballroom). That's on the second floor of the hotel proper, up the escalator from the lobby - NOT the Conference Hall where most of the convention stuff is.

WHEN:Friday, May 29th, 11 p.m. when our hour long preshow of mass dancing, mass videos and mass fun begins!

COST: The Show is Free. Con tickets for the day are $35 for Friday and Saturday only, $20 for Sunday only and $55 for the whole weekend.


• Show Report
05.24.2009 update by Madame Leah

Is up from last night, yay!


• The 60's were far out and groovy!
05.18.2009 update by donna

The pictures and the show report for the 60's show are now up and ready for you to peruse!

Join us next week for more hillarity and ... I mean another professional and perfect show! *cough* I get to be a transie and take pictures too! must go thift storing for a new and amazing transie shirt! Oh boy!!!

We will be performing at AKON on May 29th, which is a Friday night. Come see us if you're at the con! We loves you all!!

Don't forgat that we are still collecting money for the Fort Worth are AIDS Outreach Center. Every little bit helps us to help this organization. So far we have raised close to $1000 dollars and the numbers are still climbing! We're really excited that you have all been doing so much to help us out so much in this project! Thank you!!!


• Queer Bastard piccies~ because Billy loves us!
05.13.2009 update by Madame Leah


• Queer/Bastard Show Pics
05.10.2009 update by donna

The pictures from the Queer Bastard show last night are now posted. Go to the Performance Pics galleries and have a peek! I have not laughed so hard in a long time. I absolutely LOVE it when The Austin Queerios send a delegation up here to perform with us!

Don't forget to grab your bell bottoms and head bands for the 60's show next week. It will truly be lacking in tact. I hear there's going to be an assassination... Seriously. Wazoo. (hahaha!! that word has ass in it twice! What!?!! I'm easily amused!)

HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has donated to the AIDS Outreach Center. Thanks to you we have collected close to $1000 for this organization so far! We will continue to collect money until the end of the year because we are not anywhere near done yet! You guys are awesome!


• pictures pictures everywhere!
05.03.2009 update by donna

Hello world! I just finished posting and updating Emily's pictures from the shows on April 18th and the Board Game Show. Go look. Go ahead and laugh. I can find out where you live ya bastards!


• Queer Bastard/AOC Benefit show
05.03.2009 update by donna

wow... double post.. and I can't figure out how to delete the extra one so I will change the text and I guess you get two news posts from me instead of just the one... Aren't you lucky!

Don't forget, Next week is the Queer Bastard/AOC Benefit show. Bring extra dollars to buy stuff from us so that we can give a lot more to the center than usual!

Also, cheer the Queerios on cause they are awesome and rock my socks... whatever that means. I mean seriously... how do socks rock? They are floppy and just lay there. They can't rock. Unless you've been wearing them for longer than I care to think about and they stand up by themselves in which case... EEEeeeww Go AWAY!


• Upcoming Theme Shows!
04.26.2009 update by Starman

Just had a few more added to the roster for the next few weeks. Actually, damn near everything in May is a special show...

May 2nd - Bastard of The Quarter Line-Up: KIRK - Every season, Madame Leah selects one hard working Bastard (or whoever bribed her with the most cookies) as the Bastard of The Quarter. Apart from the prestige, sex and money (hahahaha!) that goes along with this honor, the BOTQ gets to design a line-up for one show, getting revenge on everyone who has pissed them off, rewarding everyone they like and (usually) putting the hotest chicks in the parts that require the least clothing. This season, Kirk is the BOTQ and this is his show!

May 9th - The 69th Annual Queer Bastard Show - Queerios is the RHPS Shadowcast of Austin. Occasionally we go to visit them and vice versa. What this means for us is weekends full of booze, blowjobs and blood orgies. What this means for you is a whole new gang of idiots running around on the stage, shouting strange and frightening new lines and astonishing you with their exotic boobies.

May 16th - The 60's Theme Show - They say if you remember the 60s you weren't there. But you can remember this theme show, assuming the senile dementia hasn't begun yet. Regardless, this promises to be a wonderful night full of dirty naked hippies and mad mods. Oh, who are we kidding? It's going to be all dirty naked hippies because we like being dirty and naked.

June 20th - Harry Potter Theme Show - Hitch up your robes and mount your Nimbus 2000! We're doing a themeshow devoted to everyone's favorite bespectacled magic boy who doesn't work down the highway by Harry Hines.

July 18th - The Historical Figure Theme Show - It will be like that restaurant The Magic Time Machine only our Roman Orgies are an actual orgy and not a dinner for four.


• Board Game Pics from Billy
04.26.2009 update by Madame Leah

I had SO MUCH FUN at this show, you guys need to check this out. More to come!!!


• April 18 2009, from Billy
04.20.2009 update by Madame Leah



• Show Report And Photos For The 18th of April Are Up!
04.19.2009 update by STARMAN

Yes, because I love you all (and because I honestly had nothing better to do today), I have finished writing up a show report of last night's show as well as several of the week's major news events.

You can read all about the week that was here.

Also, Billy (who just donated a new microphone stand to the cast) has his photos of the evening's festivities up on his Photobucket Account. Go see all of the fun you enjoyed and/or missed again.

And remember: this Saturday is the Board Game Show Theme Show! I expect to see at least one woman in a toga made of a Twister Board.


• Easter Pics from Billy, oh my!
04.13.2009 update by Madame Leah

Share and Enjoy!


• Bastard of the Quarter
04.10.2009 update by Madame Leah

Bastard of the Quarter For LAST SEASON is now posted.

Go check it out! :)


• Videos of Star's Return and La Vie Boheme!
04.09.2009 update by Starman

Yes, now those of you poor, unfortunate bastards who missed La Vie Boheme (which is so huge, we need TWO! videos on YouTube to show it to you) as well as Star's triumphant One-Night-Only return as Frank, can now go forth to our movies page and see that special night in all its' glory!


• Pictures and goodwill...
04.05.2009 update by Madame Leah

First of all, I want to thank everyone who came to walk with us Bastards today. It really shows heart! I really had an awesome time today and judging from the turnout, I believe we will be having more events like this, which would make me really happy inside. Also, here are some of Billy's pics from last night! Enjoy!


03.31.2009 update by Madame Leah

Official cast call starting NOW...

If you are interested in being a Bastard, now is as good a time as you are ever going to get! Bring yourself (and your jacket) and your interested friends to the Ridgmar Movie Tavern this Friday night at 10:30 p.m. to see what being a Bastard is all about. There will be punch and pie, just not in the sense that you might be thinking. If you have any questions, please email

If you ARE interested, please also email so I can have a list because time and spots are limited.


~ Madame Leah :)


• AIDS WALK 2009 information
03.29.2009 update by donna

AIDS Walk information
If you will be joining us please email me at! Thanks!!

When: April 5
Where: Fort Worth Community Arts Center
1300 Gendy Ave. (at Lancaster Ave. across the street from the Amon Carter Museum)
Fort Worth, TX.

Registration begins at 1PM and the walk begins at 2:30PM

We will start gathering at this location at 1 pm.

PLEASE be there by 1:30 so that we can go over a few rules for our group. We're also thinking about some shenanigans that you will need to know about should we choose to go through with them. I will need a small group to participate in the shenanigans.

If you're dressing as zombies, be in your costumes and most of your make up before getting there as I don't know if there is anywhere to change clothing at the location. We'll have over an hour before the walk begins so you can do last minute make up touch ups at the site.

Please remember that this is a family friendly event. We need to stay away from the too sexy zombies AND the too gory zombies.

Bring your donations to the site. I will be there to collect and turn them in. We know you will do your best to help us to help the AIDS Outreach Center reach their fundraising goal for the 2009 AIDS Walk.


• Pictures!
03.29.2009 update by donna

There's more pictures posted. I told you I'd get around to it. Go to the gallery and check out the pics for a second set of Mary's LineUp pics, March 7 (Bastard Gras), March 14th and March 28.


• Pictures!
03.29.2009 update by donna

There's more pictures posted. I told you I'd get around to it. Go to the gallery and check out the pics for a second set of Mary's LineUp pics, March 7 (Bastard Gras), March 14th and March 28.


• Rocky Horror Stage Show In Denton!
03.27.2009 update by Starman

Last night, several of The Bastards were fortunate enough to be treated to an advance performance of The Rocky Horror Show, which is being performed by the UNT Dance & Theatre Department at the University of North Texas in Denton. Yes, THAT Denton.

I can say in all honesty that this is the best production of The Rocky Horror Showthat I have ever seen. The fact that this is the only production of The Rocky Horror Show that I have ever seen does not change the fact that this is the most fun you can have with a bunch of people in their underwear on stage for ten bucks.

So please, if you are in the Denton (yes, THAT Denton) area, can drive to the Denton (yes, THAT Denton) area or know someone who is who would like to contribute to educational theater and have a good laugh, check it out. Tickets are going fast and we want everyone to have a chance to see this production and continue to support Freak Theatre in DFW.

WHERE: UNT Radio, Television, Film and Performing Arts Building, located at the corner of Welch and Chestnut streets in Denton, Texas.

WHEN: 8 p.m. March 27 and 28 (Friday and Saturday); 2:30 p.m. March 29 (Sunday); 8 p.m. April 2, 3 and 4 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday); 2:30 p.m. April 5 (Sunday)

COST: $10 for general public; $7.50 for students, UNT faculty and staff and seniors

CONTACT: (940) 565-2428 or Metro (817) 267-3731 ext. 2428. Box Office hours are 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday or one hour before show time.


• Dead Celebrity Show Video Up!
03.24.2009 update by Starman

Dead Celebrity Show was a big success. And one of the best parts of it was the video tribute to those who passed on over the last year.

What's that? You don't remember a video at the Dead Celebrity Show? Well... that's probably because we didn't air it since our projector was AWOL.

But because we love you and because there's nothing that makes us more uncomfortable than Jason's taco-scented tears, here it is .


• Pics by Billy
03.22.2009 update by Madame Leah

Here are some pics for you!


• The Most Marvelous Show Report In All Of Show Reportdom!
03.01.2009 update by Starman

Rejoice good people, forthe show report for last night's show is up. And in record time. It is an autobiographical tale, which I wrote all by myself.

It is arousing tail of the rise of empires and the fall of tyrants! The finest epic of its' age, which is 3 and 1/2 years old. With a thousand dancing elephants on one stage!

Marvel at its' splendor! Quail at it's omnipotence! Furrow your brow in confusion as you struggle to make sense of the obscure and archaic language! And then enjoy the scenes where Hayden Panettiere goes back in time to mud-wrestle Marilyn Monroe for the fate of the universe!


• more pictures? umm.. yeah!
02.25.2009 update by donna

Hey!! I just posted MORE pictures! This time they are from the show on the 21st, in which you get to see Cory and Pete portray Brad and Eddie (respectively) for the first time!
Go to the gallery and check them out! Cory wore tightie whities and they looked really odd on him cause we're all used to seeing him in much MUCH less....


02.22.2009 update by Madame Leah

Here's some of Billy's from the past few weeks, sorry it took me so long to get them going!


• Photos Posted
02.21.2009 update by donna

Sooo... If you were at the show last week, you know that you got to see a LOT of ladies lingerie... not necessarily on ladies mind you but it was THERE DAMMIT!
Pictures are now posted in the gallery for this show.
The show report is also posted so go take a look at that in Gwen's Corner!

PS... See that widget over on the right side of your screen? Yeah.. that see through kinda greenish thing with the scrollie words. That one. See it?
We are raising donations for the Fort Worth area AIDS Outreach Center and we will be participating in their AIDS Walk on April 5th. Donate something or come walk with us! Email me for details, this will be a dress like a zombie walk so it should be lots of fun!


• To ALL Audience Members
02.15.2009 update by donna

We apologize for the length of the following but it is VERY IMPORTANT.

You guys know we love you and that without you we would not be doing this show every week here at the Ridgmar Movie Tavern. In order for us to continue doing our show for you, there are a few things that we will be doing differently from here on out. Please read these changes and help us implement them as we came very close to losing the theater this week.

We will be stepping up our security team to implement these changes. They, as well as cast members, will have instructions to give out warnings and then if they have to keep issuing warning to you, you will be asked to leave the theater. These changes are NOT optional. They must be followed or we may lose this theater.

NOTE: "PUBLIC AREAS" refer to the entire Movie Tavern property including lobby, bathrooms, parking lot and box office areas. "OUR THEATER" refers ONLY to the theater in which Rocky Horror is performed.

The line situation is out of hand. This is a FIRE SAFETY ISSUE as well as consideration for other movie goers and theater staff. We are not the only show here and our non-line is blocking customers and employees from the exits, other theaters, bathrooms and concession stand. From here on there will be ONE line along the wall, leaving gaps for the theater entrances. Anyone waiting in the hallway that leads off towards the bathrooms will be asked to move to the end of the actual line. This hallway is to be kept COMPLETELY CLEAR. Anyone sitting on the couches will not be considered "in line". We NEED to keep the walkways clear. We will STILL have two lines for entry to our theater but the line will not split until right before our entrance.

We are not the only show in the Movie Tavern. While you are outside our theater you need to keep behavior AND conversation 'family friendly'. We live in the Bible Belt. There are people and children in the public areas that don't want to see girls flashing their friends and don't want to hear bad language. These people and the parents complain to the management and then we hear about it. It is NOT okay to behave like this in the public areas of the Movie Tavern.

We love that you dress up for our show, however, while you are in the public areas of the Movie Tavern, you MUST keep your appearance 'family friendly'. Same reason. People complain to management. What does this mean? If you are wearing revealing clothes, we ask that you keep a coat or jacket on while you are in the public areas of the theater. Once you are actually IN our theater you can remove your coat.

There are other movies showing while you are waiting for Rocky to begin. Please keep your voices down while you are in the public areas so they can enjoy themselves. You know you would be pissed if, after paying out the nose for tickets and popcorn, your movie going experience was disrupted by people yelling in the lobby. If you need to be loud then go outside and wait there.

We know that this stuff is a huge pain...but we will be enforcing these changes because we do not want to lose our theater. Being able to perform here is very important to us and we hope you can all understand why we have to make these changes and will cooperate with us.

If you have any questions about this, please direct them, via email to:

Thank you for your support.
You give us happiness!
We love you guys!

Los Bastardos Cast


• Cartoon Theme Show
02.07.2009 update by Shannon

Cartoon Theme Show...Show Report is up. I have been having crazy internet freaking hates me Issues...but it is now up. Go...and read. Enjoy. We have All-Girl Lingerie Show coming up, so prepare yourselves for that. See you tonight Kiddies!


• Pictures! uh huh!
02.02.2009 update by Donna

Just posted some picture for you to peruse! Check out the gallery for the pictures from the All Holiday Show (Dec. 27, 2008) and the Cartoon Theme Show (Jan. 24, 2009)


• Cartoon Videos Are Up!
01.30.2009 update by Starman

Yes, now you can see some different video footage of us humiliating some poor, innocent teenage girl with our rendition of Happy Birthday! As well as Wes in drag as Rainbow Brite.

It's all there on our video page!

And for the sake of my many gods, if you have a YouTube account, please comment and rank our videos so that total strangers looking at our videos will think we are cool.


• Check it out....Happy Birthday to Miss Lainey style...
01.29.2009 update by Madame Leah

This is us singing Happy Birthday, Rocky Style, to Lainey ...her madre sent it to me, I just thought it was a good example of what we do, ha. :)


• Cartoon Show Pics!
01.26.2009 update by Madame Leah

Billy's Photos are up at:

The cast photos are up here!

Show report, coming soon.

Love to all,
Madame Leah


• Do You Like Pie?
01.26.2009 update by Starman

I like pie.

That is all.


• New Videos Posted!
01.22.2009 update by Starman

Videos from the January 10th and January 17th shows have been posted.


• HEY!!!!! Here's a survey, help a fellow RHPS junkie out... :)
01.21.2009 update by Madame Leah

I took this survey a bit ago, please follow the link and help to shed more light into why we all love RHPS so much...all info is below, MUCH LOVE... - Madame Leah :)

Dear members of the Rocky Horror Picture Show community,

My name is Megan Franklin and I am a graduate student at California
State University Northridge, who is working on a study about The Rocky
Horror Picture Show and the community that has formed around midnight
screenings. I am currently seeking members of the community to fill out a
short questionnaire on the online server named Survey Monkey. To
participate, you must be over the age of 18 and must have seen The Rocky
Horror Picture Show live with a cast at least one time. The survey should
only take about fifteen minutes to complete and all information will remain
completely anonymous. Any participation in the study is completely
voluntary and is not paid.

If you would further like to discuss your experiences at the show, an email
address may be provided at the end of the survey. These email addresses
will only be used to contact you about this project and will never be
distributed. If you are interested in participating, please just use the
following link to access the survey :

Thank you for all of your consideration and help.




• Pica pica!
01.20.2009 update by Madame Leah

Billy's pics, two weeks worth...

Love to all!

~Madame Leah


• We Have New Videos!
01.12.2009 update by Starman

It seems like a dog's age since we've had some new video footage to post on the website. Maybe that's because some bastard (not some Bastard - I know nobody on cast would be stupid enough to take it) stole my video camera!

I'm not bitter. And I'm certainly not crying!

Anyway, praise be to the Taco King who edited together some lovely video footage from the Best of 2008 show and has seen fit to make it available to all of you peasants who are quite content with the state of the monarchy as well as the revolting peasants.

Skip it. That joke killed with Louis XVI...

Anyway, go forth to the video page and rejoice in the glory of the new videos.


• Check out the pics....
01.06.2009 update by Madame Leah

First, if you are interested in seeing some of the HUGE collection of Angel Tree gifts, go to the photos section, to the archives, to the DONATIONS will see them spread out all over the place there! There are several pics, I tried to get all of them in there so there might be a couple duplicate looking gifts but most of them are all different packages. :)

Also, Billy's pics from this past week are here:



Madame Leah :)


• So You Want To Be A Bastard?
12.31.2008 update by Starman

Yes. Los Bastardos, DFW's Premier Professional Rocky Horror Experience is recruiting once more!

Yes, we need a few good people to join our devout crew of actors, technicians and all-around freaks who are dedicated to Truth, Justice And The Transylvanian Way!

So are you interested? Well, we do have some piddling little requirements.

1. You must be at least 17, preferably 18.
2. You must live in the DFW area or be willing to make a REALLY long commute every weekend.
3. You must have your own reliable form of transportation. I.E. Something besides "My mommy can give me a ride!"
4. You must be available on Friday and Saturday evenings from 11 pm until we are done and say you can go home.
5. You must wish to join this cast for reasons other than "to get laid".

Still interested? Send an e-mail to Madame Leah at and she will tell you what to do next.


• THANK YOU!!!!!!
12.30.2008 update by Madame Leah

At this time I can happily announce that our Angel Trees, BWS, Hemphill, and food donations were a smashing success! This year, I discovered something very heartwarming. Even though the economy totally sucks, people are damn near completely broke and spirits are lower than ever, there are still those who are able bring a lot of cheer into the lives of others with small or large donations of whatever they have in their pockets, closets, or pantries.

The Battered Women’s Shelter received several garbage bags of full of clothing for all sizes of women, children, and teens. They also received several “children” type items, like swings, small toys, potties, a jumpy thing, and stuffed animals. There were plates and place settings, luggage, purses, and kitchen items. There were a number of coats and plenty of warm clothing also, which was much needed. They have done a lot for women and kids in this area, and if you are curious or in need, we encourage you to visit their website at

Hemphill received the bulk of the food items, as we discovered that they were even more in need than the pantries (we figured as long as it is feeding the hungry, it is relevant, so you can blame me for that decision if you feel the need to). All of the young men’s, women’s, and teen’s clothing also made its way to this location. There were several garbage bags full of clothes that were donated, and several large boxes of food items. The cast, I discovered, donated a great deal to this particular organization. Hemphill has more programs for teens than many others in the DFW area, and can be found at 1919 Hemphill, Fort Worth, TX, 76110. We also encourage you to visit their website, which is located at

As for our Angel Trees, I have to admit I was completely shocked. Pleasantly so, though. There were so many gifts that came in for these kids I hardly had room to store them all (even in shifts!) until CPS picked them up! There are still to this day many, many gifts that are en route and on the way to the children and teens. There were 3 rounds of drop-offs and 2 more to go, because there was just so much that was donated by anyone and everyone. Gifts are still trickling in, which is just amazing to me. Every child that was on each Angel Tree has been accounted for, and every child (between the cast funds donated and the additional Secret Santas and Angels) received at least THREE gifts! The list was over 350 total, so if you just do the crude math that was well over 1000 gifts that were donated to this cause! I do have to admit, when the caseworkers came in rounds to pick up gifts, and when they delivered them, several of them were crying. The social workers were crying, the caseworkers were crying, the families were crying, the kids were crying, because some of them had never (yes I said NEVER) even received anything for Christmas before. This has been the best year that the Teenagers at CPS have had in as many years as I can remember. For this, I am so very grateful to all of you who found it in your hearts to take time and effort and money to participate.

I tried to get names at the show of people who brought things up there, albeit any donation of any type, but most people preferred or remained anonymous. I don’t even know who to thank at this point or to know where to begin to look for them, so here is a public thank you, nonetheless!

I would also like to extend a very special “Thank You” to the members and staff of the Taverns for putting up with all of these shenanigans and thousands of questions this holiday season. There were a number of people that I bothered at least once a day (Matt) in order to get this stuff rolling along. The Denton Movie Tavern employees also deserve a very special thank you…I happened to hear that certain members of the Tavern pooled all of their tips in order to buy gifts for a whole bunch of the remaining Denton Angels, and that seriously made me cry. Never underestimate the generosity of non-organized groups, dammit! So thank you, Dentonites, from the bottom of my heart.

Donna, Ashley, Halo and the bunch over there, you also get kudos for putting little Angel Tree ornaments together, which I know took forever. Matt printed all of them and layered the little ornaments and made them look nice, so thank you to you as well, Matt Daddy. Thanks also to the rest of the cast who helped to carry, store, pick up, deliver, sort, tag, and distribute the gifts. There is no way I could have done all that alone.

I think that is it for now. If you DID make a donation, please email me and let me know so I can thank you properly. Cheers and holiday love to all, thank you all SO VERY MUCH for such a fantastic turn out on everything!

Much Bastard Love,

Madame Leah


• ChristmaHanuKwanzaa pics are here...
12.29.2008 update by Madame Leah



• More pics...
12.24.2008 update by Madame Leah

Billy's, from Donna's show... :)


• Hah!! I did something!
12.22.2008 update by donna

The show report is up for my line-up Saturday night (Look in Gwen's Corner). Also, I finally posted Mike's and my pics from October 25th in TWO galleries... That was the night of Alex's surprise appearance as Brad, and the November 8th pics that I managed to take before my camera experienced it's untimely death by Dr. Scott's wheelchair.
Enjoy. I'm going to bed now since it's 4 AM...


• Last week!
12.16.2008 update by Madame Leah

This weekend, December 20th show, will be the last weekend we can accept canned goods and clothes at the show for our respected donation centers.

Monday the 22nd will be the last day the Tavern can accept Angel Tree gifts. If you need to have them picked up, please email me! :) Thank you so much to all of you who participated and were caring enough to spend some of your own cash to provide for those who are less fortunate. I have seen so many things come in, it really encourages me about life and disproves my theory that all mankind is evil, lol. I will need your names and emails for my own Bastard purposes, so please, if you donated, email me or catch me at the show so I can write your info down!

Love to all, Happy Holidays,

Madame Leah :)


• More pics to enjoy, Mel Brooks and more.
12.15.2008 update by Madame Leah

These are Billy's, of course, seeing as I am STILL MISSING the actual CAST'S pics *cough cough HINT HINT*...


• Mel Brooks Show Report Up!
12.14.2008 update by Starman

Yes, for those of you - indeed, most of you - who missed the glory that was last night's musical tribute to Mel Brooks... well, you're lucky I'm feeling generous and decided to tell you about all the singing, the dancing and yes, the boobies, which you missed by writing a show report.

You can also take a look at Billy's pictures of the event. Our pictures should be up shortly.

As for me? I'm going to sleep.


• Pics from Billy
12.05.2008 update by Madame Leah

Sorry they are a little late...I was sick, give me a break!


• Angel Tree Information
12.03.2008 update by Madame Leah

Movie Tavern Angel Trees, in association with Los Bastardos...
Benefiting children in the care of Child Protective Services of Tarrant and Dallas Counties

The “Angel Trees” are now up at all of the Movie Taverns in the DFW area. What you see on these trees is a home for more than 400 abused or neglected children in the DFW area currently in the care of CPS this holiday season. Adoption of one of these Angels guarantees each child a much warmer holiday than they would have seen otherwise, as most of them are not accustomed to gifts or kindness in any capacity. These children are chosen on the basis of need by the caseworkers of CPS in Dallas and Tarrant counties. Every little bit means a lot to these kids!

All you have to do in order to adopt your special Angel is remove the tag of the Angel(s) of your choice from the tree and purchase gifts for them according to the needs and wishes listed on the back of the ornament. Please return all (unwrapped, or bagged) gifts to the Movie Tavern where you selected your Angel by Monday, December 22, 2008. Please keep the Angel ornament tag with the gifts you have purchased to assure that all items will go to your Angel and not someone else’s. If you have several Angels and you would like to schedule a pickup time, please contact CPS representative Leah, at All gifts will be distributed to the children by the children’s caseworkers on or before December 24, 2008.

Please feel free adopt as many Angels as you like. There is no set-spending limit for your Angel(s), but the ideal is to purchase all items listed on the tag, or at least 3-4 items per Angel. Please also note that this is an excellent group, church, youth, or neighborhood project. If you are interested in adopting more Angels than you see here or have additional questions, please feel free to contact Leah, at

If you are going to any of the Bastard's shows between now and ChrismaHanuKwanzaa, you can always bring the gifts to the show and we will take it from there. :)


Love to all,

Madame Leah :)


• Pics for all to enjoy!
11.24.2008 update by Madame Leah

Pictures of last week's shennanigans 11-15-08 by Cliff:

...and Masquerade pics by Billy:

Enjoy!!! :)


11.22.2008 update by Madame Leah

Tonight we will have the beginnings of our Angel Tree up and running in the lobby of the Ridgmar Movie Tavern. Once you take a look at our angels, you will notice that these angels aren't your typical ones. You will see once you read the cards what I mean by that, or PLEASE FEEL FREE to catch me tonight and talk to me about it. We have lots of info ready for you guys and lots of kids that really could use some love and attention this year like no other (no Wes, I don't mean like THAT).

Also, tonight marks not only our 4-year return Anniversary, but also the beginning night for the clothing and food drive! I have already received several emails from people who will be bringing items, and I wanted to say thanks to those people in advance! This takes time and effort on everyone's part and I just wanted to say thank you, and we Bastards really appreciate your efforts. :)



Madame Leah :)


• Food and Clothes Drive! :-)
11.10.2008 update by Madame Leah

Hello everyone!

We are starting a giant food and clothes drive this weekend, the 15th of November, and encourage you to donate as many canned goods or non-perishable (meaning in bags or boxes) goods as you can. We will have Bastard Prizes awarded for the most goods donated at the End of the Year Show. I am not going into what the prizes will be yet, but they don't suck and that is all you need know. The food goods will be donated to Tarrant County Food Bank.

Also, if you have clothes (used and not looking completely like ass) or new that you are not using, please feel free to bring them up to the show in exchange for "goodies". We are doing a collection for several entities in the metroplex, including the Fort Worth Women's Shelter, 1919 Hemphill, CPS Teens, and a couple other less fortunate families. All the details are still in the works, but I wanted to post right away so as to get you all as much time as possible to get stuff situated!

If any of you have any questions about any of this, please email me at

Thanks in advance for your support!


• More piccies...
11.10.2008 update by Madame Leah

More of Billy's finery... :)


• Piccies from the Halloween Show at home!
11.03.2008 update by Madame Leah

Here's Billy's pics...



• ***~*** Denton Halloween Show ***~***
10.31.2008 update by Madame Leah

Only 90 more tickets left for the Denton Halloween show tomorrow, so if you want 'em, ya better get 'em now!

Love to all~

~Madame Leah :)


• Billy's Pics from October 25, 2008
10.27.2008 update by Madame Leah

Here are Billy's for this past weekend... :)

Love to all,

Madame Leah :)


• Labyrinth Pictures Are Up!
10.24.2008 update by Starman

And they are FABULOUS!


• Enter the LABYRINTH!
10.20.2008 update by Madame Leah

First off, I wanted to stress again how PROUD I am of my castmates. They worked so hard on this show! :) This show was very important to me, and I noticed that on this show in particular, many people made an effort to go above and beyond, especially those people who worked on the props and costumes for themselves and others. Some people that have my sincere thanks and respect for this one:
~ Donna, for the Ludo head. (ENOUGH SAID.)
~ Amy, for the Ludo body, her jingle-ey costumes (as always!), and several others besides, and many of the wings on the faeries that you saw.
~ To Nuggett, for allowing us to dress you up as Ludo. (ALSO, ENOUGH SAID!)
~ Mary, for making the Sir Didymus costume in a super-rush, and doing a fantastic job of it, and for the helping hands, and the whole concept of the hands as Riff.
~ Fish, for all the amazing drawings and paintings you saw onstage and off, i.e. the Doorknockers, the Lying Dogs, the Labyrinth nameplate, and all the posters of painted Goblins lining the walls. And for cleaning the bathroom that was entirely blue after the show.
~ To Emily, Scott, and David, for working Spots and Lighboard, and taking the cue sheets for the show without a hitch, and operating new eqipment with zero (visible!) problems.
~ To Saturn, for wearing the onesie.
~ To Pete, for carrying us around as Ambrisious.
~ To JJ and Eris, for designing and painting the stone wall and the Enter the Labyrinth sign.
~ To Boobi, for coming up here and performing with us, and bringing other Queerios for us to play with as well!
~ To Jason, for the "MAIZE" costume, and for the cookies, and for the sound bytes/bites.
~ To Sean, for tirelessly putting up with my rants about this show.
~ To Limey, who busted her ass to get it all done in the midst of crisis apartment moving.
~ To Starman, for wearing the Bird Hat without one complaint.
~ To my other Fierys Halo, Cory, and Britt, for being awesome! I am so glad there were several of us! :)
~ To Billy, for the piccies!
~ To all of you, for the decorations. :) I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Here are Billy's Pics:

Show Report by JASON is also posted, and it is hysterical...

Again, thanks to all of you. I love you guys!

~Madame Leah :)


10.13.2008 update by Madame Leah

So many requests, I thought you guys knew better! :)

~ Labyrinth Show at Ridgmar Movie Tavern, October 18th
~ Halloween NIGHT (Friday, October 31st) at Denton Movie Tavern. Costume contest and winners and such. Tickets are $7 each for this one. Be sure to get 'em early, they sold out WAY before showtime last year!
~ November 1, Ridgmar Movie Tavern Halloween show (for those who can't make or get into Denton). Costume contest at this one, too. :) Tickets are $6. Get these tickets early, too!

We already did Hangman's, UTA, and a few other shows. Upcoming next month is the 4-Year Anniversary Masquerade Black and White Ball. Details soon to come on this one!

Love to all,

Madame Leah :)


• Cake...
10.10.2008 update by Madame Leah

You know, I really want some of that cake from the Macaroni Grill. The chocolate one with nuts and warm sauce and whipped cream. If you loved me you would bring it.

And yes, this is blatant misuse of admin rights, ladies and gentlemen. LOL!!! Love to all!

~Madame Leah :)


• Mythology Pics!
10.09.2008 update by Madame Leah

These are from the one and only BILLY! Since the Bastards have obviously been particularly LAZY and not posted or done what they were supposed to, here are Billy's to look at! Enjoy!


• Donations for Galveston
09.15.2008 update by donna

Save your loose change all week and bring it and/or extra dollars to the show because someone will be coming around to collect. Every penny collected will be donated to a legitimate agency that is actively helping in the Galveston area. We will continue to collect donations every week until further notice.

We know that Rocky people are some of the most generous people around. You've proven that time and again over the last 4 years what with Katrina relief, Toys for Tots, adopting families for Christmas and other charitable ventures we've participated in.

Rocky is NOT just dressing strangely, going to a movie and acting 'weird'. We care about a lot more than fishnets, corsets and glitter! This is one of those opportunities to let people unfamiliar with Rocky know that we can make a difference.

Thank you!


• I say hey... what's going on?
09.05.2008 update by Starman

Couple of things that need to be said.

1. Drag Show - Next Saturday, September 13th. The usual place. The usual time.

2. We're performing in the Rosebud Theater in the Student Center at UTA (That's University of Texas at Arlington) at 10 PM on Friday, September 19th.

Tickets are $2 for Students, $3 for UTA Staff and Students and $5 for everyone else. So if you know any poor students in the area, spread the word.

3. Design-A-Line-Up Show. Usually Place. Usual Time. Saturday, September 20th.

4. The comic book tribute to our dear departed brother Daniel is complete. In case you missed the saga, here's the entire list of links.

Henry, We Knew Ye Hardly: Part 1
Henry, We Knew Ye Hardly: Part 2
Henry, We Knew Ye Hardly: Part 3
Henry, We Knew Ye Hardly: Part 4
Henry, We Knew Ye Hardly: Part 5
Henry, We Knew Ye Hardly: Part 6

5. Check out our links page, for some new friends who deserve to be recognized and patronized.

I did spell that right, right?


Ummm... you know what I mean! Buy stuff from them!


• Pictures
09.01.2008 update by donna

So.. pictures for August 30th are posted. I haven't heard from Fish since the show so it's entirely possible that he may be no longer of this world because of what shall be forever known from this day forward as "the pommel horse incident".

Come play with us this Saturday. It will be fun! And don't forget that we will be having the annual Drag Show on the 13th and two weeks later will be the Design-A-Lineup show that one of YOU lucky ticket buyers will be able to select who plays what role. There's still time to buy your ticket so go for it.


• Comic Relief!
08.12.2008 update by Starman

Much as I hate to toot my own horn... well, I don't see anyone else posting about this, so I have to.

Doc - a friend of the cast and maker of web-comics generously allowed me to do a guest-run on his comic as a tribute to our dearly departed (dammit!) Daniel.

The first three parts are up now, with another three parts on the way. Keep an eye out for the subtle cameos of several of your favorite Bastards.

Henry, We Knew Ye Hardly: Part One
Henry, We Knew Ye Hardly: Part Two
Henry, We Knew Ye Hardly: Part Three

And if you have a LiveJournal account, leave Doc some feedback on his journal. Share and Enjoy!


• Yay, more piccies!
08.11.2008 update by Madame Leah

Here are more of Billy's awesome pics. ENJOY! :-D


Madame Leah


• In case you didn't notice...
08.10.2008 update by Mr Saturn

Though it actually happened a week ago, I forgot to mention it here, so for those who only check this page, photos have been added for July 12th (the Pirate Show) and July 19th (our tribute to Daniel). Additionally, I updated the calendar information on the right-hand side of your screen. Enjoy!


• Cool Beans memorial for Daniel
07.28.2008 update by Madame Leah

For those of you who don't know, there is a memorial fun-time somewhat drinking and eating thing for Daniel this Wednesday, July 30, at Cool Beans in Denton at 8 P.M. Upstairs they will have all the short films he did running on the projector thing, and we will all be reminiscing the good times and the bad things that he so gleefuly did to piss people off. Since it is 'Beans there will be great food and good drinks. If you are broke, come out anyway. There are always coupons for buy one get one free in the phone books, papers, and college guides, and the burgers are big and cheap anyway. I hope to see a lot of people there that didn't get to make it to the funeral service last Wednesday. I will be there with my bells on. Cool Beans is located here:

1210 W Hickory St
Denton, TX 76201
(940) 382-7025

Not hard to get to, Hickory Street is right by UNT and only goes one way so you just about CAN'T get lost...just please be thinking ahead and CARPOOL because the parking kinda sucks and is limited. We will be upstairs.

I want to extend a special THANK YOU to everyone for your prayers and love and everything else during this and the last couple of weeks. It has been a hard haul for us, and on behalf of the Bastards and myself we really do thank you. Your donations along with ours allowed us to give $300.00 to the American Diabetes Association in Daniel's name.

Love to all,

Madame Leah


• White Trash Show Report Is Up!
07.27.2008 update by Starman

Yes, I slaved away for 20 minutes so that those of you who didn't come or couldn't get into the sold-out White Trash Theme Show could get a very rough description of what certain parts of it were like.

So tired. So very tired...

Check it out, bitches!


• Denton Show TONIGHT!
07.25.2008 update by MADAME LEAH

Hello Dentonites, tonight is the night! The Bastards return for another show in Denton, all starting at midnight tonight! Be sure to arrive early to get your Prop Packs and great seats. We have some new Bastard Lottery tickets that are sure to excite and inspire you to be evil, too, so don't miss that. Supplies are limited, though, so if you want 'em, make sure to get there early! We will also be hosting another memorial show for Daniel Henry, since it is on his home turf, and since some of you could not make it to the show or the service on Wednesday. I hope to see you there! Cheers all....

~Madame Leah


• Tonight
07.19.2008 update by Madame Leah

Tonight we will be dealing with this as we normally do with all trauma, so don't be surprised by anything you see or hear. It is an ALL METAL night, so wear your favorite T's in honor if you feel like it.

We will be taking up a collection for the family (not the Bastard family, the ones who are having to clean out his hell-hole of an apartment, I think they had to get de-tox in there to clean the damned kitchen *shudders*). You are not required by any means to do this but all is appreciated.

Also we would seriously like stories and bits about him. Please send them to me if you have them:

Whew what a rehearsal last night, though. Thank you so much to those of you who came out, and are still around. We may not have talked a lot, but it means a lot to all of us that you are still there.

Peace my homies...


• Daniel
07.18.2008 update by Madame Leah

With a terribly heavy heart I am posting to inform you all that my brother, Daniel, died yesterday due to medical complications with his diabetes.

Daniel has been in LB since 2001 and was, next to myself, one of the last Old School members remaining. He is so incredible and wonderful I can't even begin to tell you how much this hurts. Most of you know him as Riff, some of you know him as that weird UNT TA, some of you know him as the biggest asshole on the face of the planet that does sound for LB, but all of us know him as OUR asshole Daniel.

I will post much more later on about what we will be doing at the show to honor him. Please keep your chin up for the Bastards as we are not having such a great time at the moment.

If you have any suggestions as to something you think he would enjoy please email me.


• Oops...
07.13.2008 update by Madame Leah

Ha ha ha it would help if I actually posted the link...see, I can be stupid too...but the cast can tell you that already...ha ha ha...

And seriously, Arrrrrr!!!!


• ARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
07.13.2008 update by Madame Leah

Ahoy me mateys! Here is a link to Billy's pics from the pirate show! If you have not seen the rest of his pics, you should check them out. Hopefully I post this somewhat right. Our other cast pics should be posted soon, along with Shannon's Pirate Show Report.

I had a hell of a lot of fun at this show, and I know lots of you did, too. :) Thank you, all you Bastard Lovers out there, for making our 2008 Pirate Show a blast, and for always supporting us! And Casey, Corey, Aleesha, hope you had great birthdays, and that you will have some great memories! (Dammit, did you eat all the cake??? I really wanted to eat glitter cake!) Arrrrrr!!!!!

Love to all,

Madame Leah


• New (?) Pics
07.10.2008 update by Mr Saturn

We've unearthed some pictures from our October 26th show. October 26th of 2006. So they're over a year and a half old. But they're from an away show, at the late, great Ben's 1/2 Yard House! Enjoy!


• Denton Show...more news!
07.08.2008 update by Madame Leah

Howdy there fellow Bastards and Bastard Lovers! Just letting you know that, to make it easier on all of us, the Tavern in Denton's tickets are going to be $7 from here on out, just like the regular shows there. So no more confusion as to what the price is! We are good to go otherwise and we look forward to seeing you all there!


~ Madame Leah :)


• DENTON SHOW - FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2008!!!
07.01.2008 update by Madame Leah

Helllllooooooooo all you Bastard Lovers, and especially my fellow Dentonites! I just received notification that we will be having a show at the Denton Movie Tavern on Friday, July 25, at Midnight!

More info to come on this but wanted to get this out there first. We will see you there! <3

~ Madame Leah


06.30.2008 update by Madame Leah


I can post on the main page now, without it looking all retarded and everything. This is a good thing for me, and possibly a bad thing for the rest of you, because NOW I can torture you whenever I wish with new posts and such. :) (That means I won't have to filter them through Starman - lol). Enjoy that freedom.


~Madame Leah :)


• New video
06.29.2008 update by Mr Saturn

I've uploaded a new video to YouTube. This is from Saturday Night's show. For those who were there, I'm sure this is no surprise. To those who weren't, it was quite an event. Feel free to watch the video at your leisure. This one's a little personal for me. Sorry if I'm a bit sentimental. :D


• What a Weekend!
06.25.2008 update by Starman

Between Fed-Con and The Renn Fest show, I'm amazed we survived the weekend unscathed.

Come to that, given the way my feet feel right now, I'm not sure I did survive the weekend unscathed

Well, irrespective and irregardless, why not take a look at some of the show reports of the last few weeks while we get all of this weekend's activities accounted for.

Or call your dad. Assuming you know who he is or don't live with your parents. It IS Father's Day, for crying out loud! Show some respect to your sperm donor!


• Show Report For Squid's Final Show Is Up!
06.01.2008 update by Starman

What follows is a terrifying journey into the world of probate, beneificiaries and goblins.


Fine. Fine. No goblins! I give you... THE LIVING SHOW REPORT! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


• Denton Show Canceled
05.16.2008 update by Starman

Due to too many events being booked the same night, we have been forced to cancel our Denton Show on the 23rd.

We apologize for the cancellation, especially to our Denton fans who don't get to Fort Worth very often. We hope that you'll show up at the free A-Kon show the next weekend.

We'll try and get a show scheduled up there again ASAP. Promise!


• Upcoming Theme Shows
05.05.2008 update by Starman

We actually have our theme-show schedule planned through the end of the year. You can see them all on the Cast MySpace Calendar. Over on the left side of the screen. See the link?

I'm only going to list the theme shows through June here, though. Why? Well, because for me to unleash the full glory of what the year has in store for us would drive you mad! Mad, I say! Mad!

Also, we only have the attention span to focus on so much at a time. And I'm also very lazy and we only have so much space to post things here. Yeah, that's the ticket!

80'S THEME SHOW - MAY 24TH - Join us as we celebrate a magical decade. The decade of Springsteen and Madonna; way before Nirvana. There was U2 and Blondie and music was still on MTV. Tawny Kitaen was still hot and Tom Hanks still made funny movies. So put on your best torn jeans, call up Diane Court and ask her out to Walk The Dinosaur with us.

A-KON - MAY 30TH - The Biggest Anime/Manga Con in North America and we're performing Rocky there on a Friday night! Why? What does Rocky have to do with Anime? Well, some might say that the character of Frank is obviously born of the same Jungian subconcious that inspires the tradition of Kabuki or overtly feminine pretty-boy male characters. Personally, I think they just like to have one event where they can be assured that the half-naked people are of legal age but that may just be my cynicism talking. Just remember to check for ID before you engage in Con Sex and have your cat-people spayed or neutered.

FED-CON - JUNE 13TH - The Biggest Star Trek Con of Europe comes to North America and we're peforming Rocky there on a Friday night! Why? What does Rocky have to do with Star Trek? Absolutely nothing, apart from both being science fiction and all of those jokes we make about 'who gives the best head on the Starship Enterprise?'. But it will be worth seeing, if only to watch all the nerds having asthama attacks as they see naked boobs up-close for the first time since the age of two. (I kid! I kid because I love my nerdy brethren!)

RENN FEST THEME SHOW - JUNE 14TH - Scarborough Faire may be over but you can still slip on a bad British accent, slap the arse of a bawdy wench and sing bawdy songs about arse-slapping and bawdy wenches in a bad British accent as we travel back in time to the magical days before indoor plumbing and toothbrushes. But more importantly, also the days before bras and underpants were invented. Remember ladies - with all the regimental Scotsmen running around, the benefits of this go both ways... much like most of our cast. Hey-ooooooooooh!


• Fetish Show 2008
04.09.2008 update by Starman

Put on your leathers (or whatever your favorite fetish garb is), oil your whip and bring your favorite slave out for a night of debauchery and theater unlike any you have seen before.

Tickets are $6.00 and can be bought at the theater or at We suggest buying them as soon as possible as we do expect this show to sell out.

All of our patrons are expected to follow the following rules while at the show.

1. Please Dress Appropriate Outside The Theater

While we encourage our audience to dress up in a suitable manner for all of our theme shows, other people do attend our theater in the wee hours of a Saturday night. Some of them bring small children. Of course in a fair and just world the police would ask why - if these parents are so concerned about "protecting their innocent children from being exposed to bad influences" - are they taking them along with them to see an movie at 11 PM in a bar at night. Sadly, this world is not fair or just and we do need to maintain the peace of the theater.

So please, bring a long-coat or some other bit of clothing to cover-up with. Even if you’re wearing something skin-tight (i.e. tight enough that you might as well be naked), your costume is painted on or you have a costume that is illegally revealing, please - wait until you are inside the theater to show off your costume and/or your piercings.

In other words, keep your tits, asses and pee-pees covered!

2. Keep Your Hands, Feet and Objects To Yourself.

Yes, this is a Fetish show. Yes, there will be dancing and all manner of erotic display. That doesn’t mean you get to become Grabby McFingers. So before you go touchy-touchy on the actors or other audience members, ask first. If we find out that you’ve been grabbing anyone who doesn’t want to be grabbed, our Security team will smite you like the fist of an angry god.

3. No Sex. Period.

Rocky Horror - even on an ordinary weekend - is a very sexual show. You may get hot and bothered. We understand. It’s a perfectly natural thing for a young person your age. But please, for the love of all that is good n’plenty, keep it in your pants until you get home.

Do not have sex in the theater. Do not have sex in the bathroom. Do not have sex in the parking lot. Failure to abide by this rule will result in you being arrested, banned from the theater and a whole bunch of people laughing at you.


• I want YOU to join the Bastards!
03.31.2008 update by Starman

In case you haven't heard the good news, we are once again recruiting for our merry band of misfits. We need blood. New blood. And fresh meat. BWAHAHA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

*ahem* That is to say, we are looking for new cast members.

The qualifications are simple enough.

#1 You have to be at least 18 years of age, That way there's no question as to whether or not you are a legal adult when your mom complains about how you spend your weekends or the cops come to investigate rumors of a "little girl" dancing in her underwear.

#2 You must have have your own reliable form of transport. Your mom's/dad's/boyfriend's/girlfriend's/roommate's/anybody else's car is not good enough. Fort Worth Mass Transit might be considered reliable, but do you really want to take the bus in your costume?

#3 You must be available every Friday and Saturday from 11 pm until we're done with you. Fridays we rehearse. Saturdays we perform. If you can't be here for rehearsal, you don't get to perform and if you can't be here for the performance, there's no point in rehearsing.

#4 You must be joining the cast for reasons other than trying to get laid. You'd think this would be a no-brainer, but after having someone tell me outright that he was only interested in joining because he heard Rocky girls were total sluts... well, I was torn between laughing at the idiot or letting the ladies inform him of how very wrong he is after several weeks of pain and humiliation. I decided on laughing, simply because I didn't want to have to help hide another dead body this year.

#5 You must not be stupid or at least be stupid in a productive and funny way. Because if we can't get a use out of you, you'd damn well better be able to make us laugh. See #4 for an example of how stupid is too stupid.

Seriously, if you would like to join the few, the proud, the not going to finish that statement lest we be sued or roughed up by the USMC... please send an e-mail to Madame Leah.


• Special Shows, Every Weekend in March!
03.10.2008 update by Starman

First of all, thanks to all of you who came to the All-Con show on Friday night and everybody from A-Kon who came to our regular show on Saturday night.

Merry Bastard Mayhem continues to spread across DFW, as we have a special show every weekend for the rest of this month. Read on for the grisly details...

LOS BASTARDOS 10TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW - MARCH 15TH - It's shocking to think that Los Bastardos has been around as a troupe - in some form or fashion - for nearly a decade. It's even more shocking to find out that, despite years of living like rockstars (i.e. using drugs and having sex with anything with a pulse), there are any old Bastards left from those days. But there are. And for one night only, they'll be coming back to perform for you all - squeezing into old costumes and fighting arthritis the whole time. Don't make fun of them though. They might hit you with their walkers.

EASTER SHOW - MARCH 22ND - Join us as we celebrate the pagan festival of fertility and springtime that was "adopted" (re: stolen) by Christians in order to make their religion more politically acceptable to the masses by allowing them to do the same rituals but by calling it by a different name, saying they were honoring the erection of Jesus of Nazareth. (NOTE: If that factoid/joke offends you, you might want to skip this show. Cause this is going to be bad. Even for us.)

DENTON SHOW - MARCH 28TH - The latest in our series of bi-monthly command performances at the Denton Movie Tavern in Denton. It's the same old show in a different town at a different theater. But you're getting to see Rocky Horror in Denton! That's like... meta. Super meta! And there's a bar called Rocky's just down the street! And between Rocky's and the Movie Tavern is the Denton Episcopalian Church! Trust me - that's really funny if you've paid attention during the first five minutes of the movie.


• Come To All-Con At 8 PM!
02.27.2008 update by Starman

You all know how we're having this big damn show at All-Con on Friday, March 7th, at 11 PM, with a big damn party afterwards in a hotel suite, right?

You don't? Well, you should. And you do now. So there.

But what you may not have known is that some of the cast (myself included) will be guests of honor for a panel at 8 PM entitled Rocky Horror 101: The Experience Explained.

Now, odds are if you're reading this, you're a fan, and as such don't really need much explained. But we'd still like to see lots of our fans (who should all be showing up for the show later that night anyway, hint-hint) there to wish us luck and be the first to ask us the questions they've always wanted to ask.

And no - "Will Leah Get Naked Tonight?" is not a valid question.


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